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From The Martin Family. We pray you have a safe and Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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Ways To Believe In Yourself

8 Ways To Believe In Yourself That Will Make You Unstoppable

When we’re feeling down, self-doubt creeps in and tells us that we’re not good enough and we can’t do anything. We might even convince ourselves that this is true. But the truth is, only our thoughts can stop us from achieving our goals. The we tell ourselves negative things, the harder it becomes to...

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How To Avoid The Jitters And Anxiety From Coffee

If you’re one of the millions of people who feel anxious or jittery after consuming coffee, this article is for you. You see, coffee is a tried-and-true recipe to kick-start your day energetically. But if you drink it daily, the caffeine can take a toll on you. Of course, too much of everything is bad....

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Have A Calming Holiday Season With The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

The Holidays already have me a bit frazzled and stressed. How is Thanksgiving in just 9 days? Don’t worry, though, we’ve got this! Along with the Thanksgiving stress relieving tips I d in this post. I using an anti-anxiety bracelet and stress-relieving jewelry and there’s some awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals happening right now...