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Your Guide For Raising Socially Confident Kids

Raising socially confident children is a challenge many parents must confront. With technology becoming ever- ubiquitous, children today require additional guidance in order to form meaningful social bonds. Through this guide, you’ll discover ways to help equip your children with skills needed for interfacing with peers, managing emotions and building relationships that enrich their lives...

Health And Wellness

Choosing The Right Pediatrician For Your Child

Given that your family will spend a significant amount of time with your pediatrician and rely on them to provide sound medical advice, it’s important to select a doctor whose personality meshes with your own and who is an experienced expert in their field of study.

Divorce and kids

How Can Divorce Affect A Child Positively?

Divorce can have a devastating impact on families and in particular, children. Youngsters of all ages are affected negatively by divorce in different ways, whether it’s because of domestic violence at home, a long and acrimonious split or parents moving to different locations. However, there are some positive outcomes to be had too. We lo...

Cinnamon Hollow

How To Create A Kid-Friendly Garden

Gardens are a huge bonus if you have kids. Living in an apartment might be cool before kids come along but it’s not much fun when you have toddlers. Children need room to play and burn off energy, and if you have to venture out to a public space each time they feel like kicking...