Don’t Miss The Trim Healthy Mama Coffee And Breakfast Mix Sale

Trim Healthy Mamacoffee is, by far, some of the smoothest, most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted. It is less acidic and doesn’t bend me over with stomach cramps, like some coffees. And for a few days, it’s on sale!

Trim Healthy Mama coffee is sourced from the upper Huehuetenango Mountains in Guatemala. Serene and Pearl took the 4 hour trek, by helicopter, to source the coffee themselves! And, it was worth it.

I’ll jump straight to it. Here’s what currently on sale. As always, thank you for shopping through my affiliate link. I’ll receive a small commission as a thank you for referring you, without any fees passed to you.

GuateMama Java Whole Roasted Coffee Beans
$9.99Regularly $12.29 You Save $2.30
GuateMama Java Ground Roasted Coffee
$9.99Regularly $12.29 You Save $2.30
Brekkie Bundle
$15.99Regularly $16.99 You Save $1.00
Gentle Sweet (Xylitol Free)
$10.99 1 lb bagRegularly $11.99 You Save $1.00
*Sale valid thru Thursday April 18th 11:59pm CST 
Trimmaccino Mug
$3.99Regularly $6.99 You Save $3.00
Muffin Mug
$3.99Regularly $6.99 You Save $3.00
*Sale valid thru Thursday April 18th 11:59pm CST 
Trim Healthy Mama Coffee Breakfast Sale
Wake ‘Em Up! Bundle
$29.97(Includes Brekkie Bundle, Your Choice of Coffee and a Trimmaccino Mug)
Regularly $36.27 You Save $6.30
*Sale valid thru Thursday April 18th 11:59pm CST 

And there you have it. If you’ve never tried Trim Healthy Mama coffee, you should give it a shot. It’s really good and works perfectly in my Protein Iced Coffee recipe!

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