Introducing THM Shameless Crackers & Dynamic Duo Greens Powder

The folks at Trim Healthy Mama have done it again! They have come out with 2 new products that will make our THM journey’s easier. I’m talking about their new THM Shameless Crackers in Cheesy Kick flavor and the Dynamic Duo Greens Powder.

THM Shameless Crackers Cheesy Kick And Dynamic Duo Greens Powder Release

They have recipe in their cookbooks for crackers, but, I’ve become so lazy in my cooking I haven’t even tried them! I’m what the sisters would call a “Drive-thru Sue”. I want my meal plan to be as easy as possible and, while I do love to bake, I just don’t want to take the time to bake snack crackers. In steps these new Shameless Crackers with a cheese flavor, perfect or snacking on! OOOH I bet they will be awesome in chili too!

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Here some deets from THM about their new products and the SALE coming Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2020. TOMORROW!

Cheesy Kick Crackers will be launching Tuesday (well… we call it Tuesday but for some of the west coast it is very late Monday night or very early hours of the morning when you all get the email). On the same day we’ll be launching our Dynamic Duo Greens powder (more about that soon).

We’re also launching a limited time edition of our Rose cream called the Super Fountain as a special Christmas splurge some of you may want to jump on.

Also… on Tuesday we’re starting our 12 Trim Days of Christmas giveaway where we’ll be giving away a free THM item every day to everyone who wants it… we’ll have a list in the email of what day goes with what product. We’ll also have a last minute Christmas baking sale… baking blend and Gentle Sweet.. most of you stocked up during Cyber but in case you missed or just can’t turn down a sale.

Also… we’ll be releasing our new and updated Holiday Recipe Collection…60 of our most amazing Holiday Recipes. You can print it out if you want or just use it as a download.

Dynamic Duo Greens powder if you haven’t heard much about it. We’ve wanted to offer a greens powder for a long time to help you amp up your health but we didn’t want to mess around. We wanted only the most powerful and potent greens to give you the greatest bang for your buck. Dynamic Duo combines the two Kings of greens… spirulina and moringa. They make a gluten free green team like no other… the most nutritious, healing and ethically sourced super greens powder around. It provides you with a daily detox, fights fatigue, kicks anemia, supports your immune system, loves on your skin, offers you rich amounts of protein and most importantly it brings fantastic amounts of folate to support your methylation pathways. You might want to add this powder wherever you can, especially on days you don’t feel like eating your greens or having a salad. You can put it in drinks, balls, smoothies, lattes and baked treats or just try the easy recipe on the back of the package to get your daily dose in. Both of our chosen super greens are organic and safe for pregnancy and nursing seasons, as well as for children of all ages. Our spirulina is grown in pure water wells free of contaminants and is non-irridated and microcystin free.

Trim Healthy Mama – Pearl Barrett

So, as you can see, tomorrow is a big day, kicking off some fun things in THM land! There will be sales, giveaways and new product launches.

I am most excited to try the THM Shameless Crackers. I’m also pretty excited about the Dynamic Dup Greens Powder too, though. The reason? I used to use a greens powder from another company that seemed to really help with my fatigue and even helped with my high blood pressure. I’m hoping these new THM greens will help in the same way. I can’t wait to add them to smoothies and my GGMS drinks.

Which new THM products are you looking forward to trying the most?

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