Show Off Your New Christmas Gift With A TV Mount

Many folks take advantage of the amazing deals on TV’s that many stores have on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We didn’t this year, but, last year we were fortunate enough to score a big smart tv for a great deal on Black Friday. Funny thing is, we weren’t even Black Friday shopping! We’d waited till the crowd had died down and went grocery shopping. Right in the front doorway were 3 huge TV’s marked at an amazing price. So we bought one! We didn’t buy a TV mount, though, opting to just use it on our stand. I wish we had, though, to save space.

When we bought our house, there was a wooden shelf mounted in the corner of the living room and they’d had a small TV on it. Ours was too big so we just placed our fireplace TV stand beneath it and set our TV on it, using the shelf for decor. As time has gone on, though, and since Clay got his bigger TV, I’ve really wanted to find a way to hang it on the wall. Since it’s in the corner, we’d need a TV mount that could mount on one wall and swivel to allow it to be in the corner. I think I found the perfect one!

I teamed up with the folks at Mounting Dream and received a TV mount for review. I have NOT had the chance to get it up on the wall, just yet, but I want to give you all the details so you can get one for Christmas, if you choose. I’ll update after the New Year and let you know how it is doing and how it looks on the wall.

Let me be 100% honest in saying Clay is TERRIFIED to mount his TV. It is 65″ and it is heavy. So, I can’t blame him for being a bit scared. We will mount it in a stud and everything will be fine. I’ve looked over this wall mount and it feels extremely secure.

It is heavy! 22 pounds to be exact. It’s made of Cold Rolled Steel and has a maximum TV size limit of 75″. It is to be mounted on a wall stud and the bracket feels secure and sturdy so I’m confident it will be ok.

The one I chose is the Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 42-75″ TV, UL Certificated TV Bracket MD2298. It includes MD2298 full motion TV mount; all screws in label bag; allen wrench; bubble level; HDMI cable; cable clips; a piece of wall template; a guide manual in 6 languages.

Mounting Dream Wall TV Mount Parts

Here is a photo from their site showing what the mount looks like with a TV mounted on it.

TV Mount - Wall Mount

UL Safety Certificated:

MD2298 holds UL Safety Certification. What is UL Certification? It means the mount is super safe. In the UL test, Mounting Dream MD2298 reaches 4 times its loading ability; its arms were retracted over 6000 times to make sure it achieves the ideal service life.

Some other TV mounts offered by Mounting Dream include:

High-quality MD2263 Tilt TV Mount 

The new MD2263 Tilt TV wall Mount with post-installation leveling contains new features that make it ideal for most 42-70” TVs. Compared to traditional wall mounts on the market, the new tilting feature has been set to provide an optimal 15-degree tilt with the Tool Free Tilting design. 

Advanced MD2104 Tilting TV Wall Mount

The Mounting Dream MD2104 is an advanced TV wall mount that tilts backward 2 degrees and forward 15 degrees allowing consumers to plug and unplug cords and cables without removing the TV from the mount. 

Innovative MD2618 TV Wall Mount with Sliding Design 

The new MD2618 is a full motion wall mount featuring advanced swivel and tilt, ultimate centering control, durability/reliability and easy installation.

Is your TV mounted on the wall or on a stand? Would you ever consider mounting your TV on a wall TV mount? Do you have any tips for using one?

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