THM Shameless Crackers. 1 New Flavor Plus A Sale!

Ooooh y’all know how much I love my THM Shameless Crackers, right? THIS MUCH! They are packed full of delicious cheesy cracker flavor but don’t have that odd “burnt cheese” taste some cheesy crackers have. Do you know what I’m talking about? I just don’t like the regular name brand ones but I LOVE the THM kind. They have a slight cayenne kick and none of that burned taste. There are about 3 serving in a bag and I have to dole out my serving and put the bag away or I’ll munch he whole thing in one sitting! That would be ok from time to time as a snack, but would be pretty high in calories and, while we don’t count calories on THM, we don’t want to abuse them, either.

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I do admit to going wild with them during that time of the month when I’m craving ALL. THE. THINGS. and having a massive empty day. I usually allow myself a crossover and will have a larger than serving size handful of the Cheesy Kick Shameless Crackers, a meat stick and a small apple. The Shameless Crackers and meat stick are fats and the apple is a carb snack which then makes that a crossover. It’s so worth it when your PMS’ing and ravenous! Otherwise, I enjoy them by their 1oz serving size with a low carb wrap sandwich and a few strawberries or blackberries. YUM!

So, back to the crackers and sale. There were going to be (2) TWO new flavors releasing TODAY (Tues May 18, 2021) along with a sale on some existing products. BUT production didn’t go as planned for one of them so the release only included ONE flavor – the Everything Awesome. PLEASE NOTE IT IS ALREADY SOLD OUT!!!! I’m so sorry!

The new crackers are BOTH dairy free and Fuel Pull, meaning thy can be eaten in any THM setting. S (fats) or E (carbs).

Classic Toppers are larger and can be topped with all the goodies like avocado, tomato, cheese, hummus and anything else you like on a cracker. – THESE DID NOT GET RELEASED TODAY BUT WILL SOON!!!!!

SOLD OUT! Everything Awesome (similar to everything bagel) is smaller and can be eaten right out of the bag like the Cheesy Kick. Unless you love them like me and have to portion them out for portion control. Either way, they’re gonna be good and snackable


“Please read.  This is for all of you who got in on the launch of our new Everything Awesome flavor of Shameless Crackers today before they all sold out. I wanted to let you know I was made aware today that there is a very slight… and by slight… I mean… tiny… amount of xylitol in them. It is from Gentle Sweet used to balance out the Mineral Salt flavor. There is no sweetness to these crackers, they are all the way savory but the very slightest hint of Gentle Sweet makes the salt taste more balanced. Now… the packet doesn’t list the xylitol… but it is there. In fact the packet’s nutrition facts are not current as we had these packets printed long before the manufacturing team had sorted out how to take our oven recipe for these crackers and make them work for the giant oven (learned that lesson and won’t repeat). On the packet they are an S… more fat and calories… in real life they are FP and only 4 grams of fat and only 70 calories. The website nutrition facts are correct. 


Now all this to say… if you have a dog… keep the crackers away just to be careful. The amount is so slight it may not affect them but I don’t want the risk for your fur babies. Also, next batch will be all xylitol free. The guys at the manufacturing center used regular Gentle Sweet but next batch… coming soon will be xylitol free Gentle Sweet… so next time they are available on our website they will be completely dog safe.”

But, OMG these crackers sold out so quickly! I had to come back and edit my post that they are sold out. HOWEVER, the other items are still on sale including sweeteners, non-hemp products and the Workins.

Shameless Crackers - Everything Awesome - Sold Out

THM Sale Details

Starts: 12:01am Tuesday May 18th
Ends: 11:59pm Wednesday May 19th
Includes: New crackers, All Sweeteners, All Non-Hemp Skincare and Workins exercise videos

That’s all the details I have for you. I hope you get a chance to take advantage of this sale. I plan on buying, at least, one each of the new cracker flavors. I like to get a couple to try, while leaving plenty for all y’all to get as well! I won’t hoard them, I promise!

Oh I need some more THM Natural Burst Vanilla Extract, as well so I’ll get a bottle of that if it’s in stock. Their extracts are SO GOOD. The flavors are rich and true and you get a decent amount for the price. What I get at the grocery doesn’t compare in my opinion.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this sale? Perhaps trying some of the non-hemp skincare. The Orange Silk Cream is wonderful. I like to use it to cleanse my face for an oil cleanse. You’d be surprised how cleaning your face with essential oils can leave your skin amazing!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you ordered! (I’m nosy 😂 ) I like to know what my peeps order too!

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