Trim Healthy Holiday Prep Sale

Trim Healthy Holiday Prep Sale. That is all!

No, really that is a huge announcement right there because it means that the Trim Healthy Holiday Prep Sale is starting. And with that, you can stock up for ALL your low carb Holiday baking and candy making because all the important goodies are in this sale. Wanna see what all is included? Of course you do!

Trim Healthy Holiday Prep Sale

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Trim Healthy Holiday Prep Sale

Sale runs from (10/20 – 10/26)

Plus, if you spend $5 or more, add the Butterfly Bag Clip 8-pack to your cart, and enter the code FREECLIPS to get them for free!

I do a ton of sugar-laden baking during the Holidays, for my family. And I usually derail myself by diving into it as well. This year, I’m going to be fully prepared. The week BEFORE I do my regular Holiday baking and candy making, I’m going to prep a bunch of on-plan versions for myself! I’m talking on-plan fudge, peanut butter balls, cakes and pumpkin bread. I will NOT derail myself this year!

In fact, I’ve sort of already started. I’m making myself some sugar-free peanut butter balls and pumpkin bread this week so I’ll have something sweet and yummy during Halloween. I’m prepared y’all!

What are your favorite things to bake and make during the Holidays? Any sugar-free versions you absolutely love? Which Trim Healthy products are your must-haves for Holiday prep?

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