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Who Gets the Dog After A Divorce??

Who Gets the Dog After A Divorce?

Divorce brings about numerous complexities, from the division of assets to the determination of child custody. Amidst these considerations, the fate of a bed family pet often becomes a significant point of contention. As dogs are increasingly seen as integral members of the family, deciding who gets custody of the canine companion can be emotionally...

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Seasonal Wedding Flowers: What’s In Bloom And When

Your wedding flowers serve not only as beautiful decor, but as a representation of your style, venue, and the season in which you’re getting married. Choosing flowers that are in season when your nuptials take place adds seasonal charm and vibrancy that perfectly reflects the feeling in the air during your special month. Understanding What’s...


Does Social Media Impact My Divorce Case?

When you are going through a divorce and might have a custody battle, it can be tricky. Your kids and livelihood are at stake, but do you know what can potentially impact your case the most? Your social media presence. Depending on your lifestyle, the messages and images you post can have catastrophic consequences on...