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Trim Healthy Mama Plant Protein Powder And Mineral Makeup

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  I rested all weekend and totally forgot to announce this sale with new products like plant protein powder and mineral makeup!

Hemp Plant Protein Powder And Basey Mineral Makeup


Trim Healthy Mama just dropped their new Basey mineral foundation in several shades as well as a new Plant based (hemp) protein powder AND the return of their delicious chocolate chips! 🍫

Get ya some!


Lip balm, pressed peanut powder, oat fiber, whole husk psyllium flakes, chocolate and cinnamon Cuffin mixes, hemp products as well as Trim Healthy Starter (kit) and Trim Healthy Future (book).

We have a lot going in this month so I don’t think I’ll get to take advantage of this sale. (sad face) But, I’ll try the new products bas soon as I’m able. One thing I’m sad I’m missing out on is actually the psyllium flakes! I’ve been doing some research and psyllium husk is a great help in the battle of weight loss. It helps burn fat and, ahem, keep things moving – if you know what I mean? Pearl, herself, calls herself a “tighty” in the bowel movement department and adds psyllium to her oatmeal! I feel that. Not to be TMI, but, anyone who knows anything about IBS with constipation will understand that any foods that help in that department are very much welcome! Sooooo, I want some of that magical ingredient and will most definitely be ordering myself some very soon.

Let me know if you try the plant protein powder and/or the mineral makeup! Tag me on Instagram @cinnamonhollow in a photo of your MADE makeup look. I can’t wait to see your gorgeousness!

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