Trim Healthy Mama’s New MADE Makeup Line Is Here!

Folks, I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am for the NEW Trim Healthy Mama MADE Makeup Line! I won’t be able to purchase any, just yet, because we are in the process of renovating our house and a few other exiting things. BUT, it is on my list and I wanted to let you all know about it so you can get some for yourselves!

Right now, there are only a few things available. They had some production issues in their New York production area that set them back a little on things. So there’s only a few things available right now and only a limited supply. So you’ll wanna look quickly before it sells out. Of course, THM is great about getting new supply pretty quickly. This time, though, it all depends on their New York producers. So, fingers crossed you get to the checkout in time and won’t have to wait! The makeup does NOT contain any fillers, harmful chemicals, parabens, and is completely non-toxic. The ingredients are organic and mineral-based. MADE contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, Essential Oils, and is also rich in natural botanicals like Candelilla and Calendula.

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Trim Healthy Mama MADE Makeup

I praise you because  I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  Your works are wonderful  I know that full well.  -Psalm 139:14 

Here’s what’s available so far.

Made Makeup:

THM Made Makeup: Liddy Eyelash Palette

First up is Liddy, a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. The THM sisters always give their products cute names and the makeup names fit their use. Liddy because it goes on your eyelids! There are 12 beautiful shades of healthy earthy pigments.

THM Made Makeup: Lashy Mascara

Lasy Mascara is thick and doesn’t clump. They say it doesn’t cry or laugh off easily but that it is easy to remove. I’m down with that! I hate mascara that pulls my lashes out when trying to remove. I’m all about ease when it comes to removing mascara and cleaning my face!

THM Made Makeup: Luxury Set

Last but not least is the MADE Luxury Set. It is a beautiful bag that will hold your make up and accessories. It comes with a few extras, as well! This set includes the bag, three face and cheek brushes, 2 eye shadow brushes, and 2 eye shadow applicators. Also included is the perfectly sized mini Travel Pot to fill with your favorite moisturizing cream as well as the Misty bottle which delivers ultra-fine, hydrating mist to set your skin.

You can also fill the fine mist sprayer with Trim Healthy Naturals Aromatherapy Lavender Spray OR your own DIY Hydrosol Spray (recipe coming soon). Spray it between layers of Basey (their soon to be released foundation) to build coverage and avoid caking. Use it as a setting spray as well!

Leave me a comment below OR tag us in a photo on Instagram ( @cinnamonhollow ) showing off your new THM Made Makeup or makeup look. I can’t wait to see your photos!

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    • Hi Sara,
      I’ve not seen anything specifically stating that it’s cruelty free, but knowing the THM company, I would assume it is. I’m sorry I don’t have a definite answer for you. ☹

  1. Do you have a catalog that shows all of your Products and the prices that you can send to me I’m interested in the skin care make it


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