Trim Healthy Mama Super Cyber Monday Sale Week

I am, once again, very excited to announce the Trim Healthy Mama Super Cyber Monday Sale week happening this week! There are new and returning items in the sale as well as, sadly, some things leaving for good. 😭

This Monday (21st November – probably in the wee hours of the morning) begins the Super Cyber Monday Sale week. It is the biggest THM sale of the year. It will go for a full week and stop at midnight Monday the following week (28th). Every single THM item will be on sale and there will be great bundle deals (they only do that once a year).

I appreciate when you all shop through my affiliate links! It helps me maintin my website without any fees being passed to you. You just shop as usual. I will try to update this post with links as the products are added to the site so you can click directly though. In the meantime, you use my regular store link:

2022 THM Super Cyber Sale

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New Trim Healthy Mama Products:

~ Little’s BarΒ – For the kids – the new nutrition bar for your toddlers and kids or a yummy and healthy crossover bar for anyone – so good for pregnant and nursing Mamas too

~ Pancake/Waffle MixΒ – gluten free, dairy Free… can be a FP or S

~ Pizza Crust MixΒ – gluten free, dairy free… again can be a FP or S crust

~ Trim Healthy IndulgenceΒ – the new cookbook (yep they already launched but pre-sale deal that gives you a free digital copy will go through Cyber week)

~ Perfect pH Shampoo – the world’s first shampoo with full, yet natural, alkalinity control.Β 

Trim Healthy Indulgence

You guys – pancake mix and pizza crust mix? My world just changed and I couldn’t be more excited! I love THM Baking Blend, the No Carb Easy Bread and their Cuffin mixes (I don’t think these are available right now though) so I’m certain I will love their pancake/waffle mix and pizza crust mix. If you’ve not used low carb flours or blends before they do take some getting used to.

Both the baking and the texture are a bit different but there are loads of tips out there to make them come out just right. For instance, once you get everything blended/mixed together, let your batter sit for 10 – 15 minutes before baking. This will allow those alternative flours, like almond, to soak up some of the moisture/liquid. This will result in a better crumb and bake time.


~ No Carb Easy Bread
~ Deodorant (newly formulated)
~ Noodles (newly reformulated)

There are a TON of recipes from fellow bloggers for the No Carb Easy Bread (NCEB). There is a cinnamon roll recipe on the THM website. KJ York even has a brownie recipe and a downloadable recipe book just for the NCEB! It’s very versatile.


~ Milk Chocolate (for the last time )

I mentioned, above, that something would be leaving. I’m extremely sad to say that the THM Butterfly Chocolate bars will be leaving. They made enough for the sale and had a back supply of the chocolate chips that will last for a bit. With that said, you may want to stock up now because once it’s all gone, it’s gone for good!

The reason the chocolate is leaving is because they couldn’t compete with store brands of sugar-free chocolates and still turn a profit. I’m sad but I completely understand. So get your chocolate this week so you don’t miss out. Once you get it, put it in the freezer. When you get a chocolate craving or just need a quick, healthy, indulgent snack, grab a bar from the freezer, let it sit for about 5 minutes and then enjoy! I keep a stash frozen at all times.

2022 THM Super Cyber Sale

Shop The 2022 Trim Healthy Mama Super Cyber Monday Sale!

What are you looking forward to getting during the 2022 Trim Healthy Mama Super Cyber Monday Sale week?

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