10 Ways To Add A Craftsman Style Look To Your Home

A craftsman style home is nothing more than a bungalow with an Arts Deco twist. But the design worked so well in the 1920s and 1930s that you can still find them standing today. If you have a home that lacks character and charm, think of making a few additions from the craftsman era to add a personal touch.

Craftsman Style Home
Craftsman Style Home Exterior

Covered Open Front Porch

Front porches never go out of style. They can cover the entire front of the house, be partial or simply cover the entryway. A front porch has always been representative of a welcome sign to anyone coming to visit.

Tapered Columns

Tapered columns are making a come-back to new homes and for good reason. Not overly formal, they add shape and character to the front porch of a home.

Low-Pitched Roofs

Low pitched roofs with wide overhanging eaves were influenced by the Japanese. The British Arts and Crafts Movement expanded on this feature and added exposed rafters. The ultimate design was one of beauty and comfort.

Exposed Rafter Tails and Beams

Modern homes tend to hide the timber and hardware used in supporting the roof, With the craftsman house, however, these pieces represent a sturdy and decorative trait. By becoming part of the trim, a mixture of colour and texture abound.

Single Dormers

Dormers are a feature that almost has to be added during construction. They can be simple with a bump-out upper window or constructed into the roof itself. Dormers are mainly for show but deliver a lot of character to the exterior of a home.

Multi-Paned Windows

Large plate-glass windows are seldom seen in a craftsman style home. Four-over-one or six-over-one double-hung windows are a classic example of how this design borrowed from the Prairie architectural style. This feature adds a historical look even when a craftsman home is newly built.

Partial Paned Front Door

Wood adds warmth to a front door. However, adding stylish top windows can say ‘come on in.’ Together with a charming front porch, multi-paned windows, and tapered columns, the pleasing picture is perfect for a craftsman home.

Stone or Brick Highlights

Stone or brick is a natural attraction to any exterior. It doesn’t take much to blend with the colours and style used to create the craftsman style. Line an outer basement foundation or build up around that great front porch for a touch of grace.

Warm Earthy Colours

The craftsman was created to attract buyers that were looking for a forever home. Browns, mild greens, grays and light yellow blend in well with any type of landscaping. Simple maintenance of the exterior keeps the look and value attractive for those wanting to make a house a home.

Window Boxes with Corbels and Wooden Brackets

Nothing is boring about a Craftsman home. If you are unable to add major features like low pitched roofs and dormers, think about placing distinctive flower boxes under windows. Use wooden corbels and brackets to offset the style. Charleston window boxes made from PVC material add a look of elegance and are maintenance-free. Create your own with a plain wood box and line up vertical slats on the exterior for a picket fence look. The exposed lower brackets will add charm in addition to your favorite plants.

There are no surprises when you enter the inside of a Craftsman home. The handcrafted architectural details blend in with the exterior with wainscot and chair rails in the living areas. Built-in cabinets and bookcases add a designer look. Kitchen nooks and mudrooms still grace the historic design of yesterday. Beams and entry pillars are a common characteristic.

If you have a home that needs a little character and updating, look at the amazing qualities that a craftsman style can give you. Just a few changes can make an incredible difference to your home’s design.

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