5 Benefits Of Waterfront Living

Whether it’s retiring to an oceanfront condo or having a vacation cabin on a secluded lake, many people dream of living right on the water. There are many great reasons waterfront property is so popular and in such high demand.

Once you’ve gotten the marine inspection services and permitting out of the way and can build, expand, and renovate your chosen piece of paradise, you’ll be ready to enjoy the many perks and benefits that come with living with a beautiful view of the water.

5 Benefits Of Waterfront Living

1. Year-long Access To Water Recreation

There’s nothing quite like fresh-caught fish. With your own private dock, you can catch your own delicious fillets year-round. You can also go boating, kayaking, jet-skiing, or swimming any time you want if the weather permits. If the weather’s no good for water sports, you can go for a nature walk, play beach volleyball, or hunt for seashells and river rocks.

2. Physical And Mental Health BenefitsΒ  Β 

The air around water is charged with negative ions, increasing breathing quality by helping your body absorb oxygen. Those same negative ions reduce stress and improve mood regulation.  Less stress results in better sleep, lower blood pressure, better mental clarity, decreased muscle tension, and a stronger immune system. 

3. Valuable Estate Investment

As you read before, waterfront property is quite popular, meaning your property has great resale value if you decide ocean or lakeside life isn’t for you. You could even rent the property out as an excellent source of retirement income. It’s also a spectacular estate to leave to your children or grandchildren to add to their own estates and enjoy for years to come. 

4. Finding New Friends 

Lakes and oceans aren’t just lined with residential properties, but there are plenty of products and services catering to your fellow water lovers on the waterfront as well. You might join a boating club, enter a fishing tournament, or contribute to a wildlife conservation effort. Whatever you find, you are sure to meet new and interesting people there.

5. Gatherings With Family And Friends

Waterfront property has access to activities for all ages, so it’s the perfect place to entertain family and friends for holidays and vacations. Memories made with loved ones captured in photographs with the picturesque landscape as their backdrop are, to many people, worth far more than the monetary value of property investment.  

With the multiple social, financial, and health benefits, is obvious why so many people aspire to live on the water.

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