5 Best Things To Do In Cyprus

Cyprus has been a great attraction for ages, thanks to the country’s honor in being, according to Greek legend, the birthplace of Aphrodite—the ancient Greek goddess of beauty, love, procreation, and happiness. Additionally, the island country has fine weather year-round, pristine beaches, and great cuisines, just to mention a few of the things that make tons of vacationers visit Cyprus.

Here are some of the 5 best things you can do in Cyprus:

5 Best Things To Do In Cyprus

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Take a swim at Adonis Baths

According to Greek mythology, the Adonis Baths were loved by the god Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite, and it is where they birthed many of their children. Nowadays, visitors to the historical site can enjoy swimming in the pools below the waterfalls, taking walks on the hiking trails, and touring the small museum and photo gallery. Also, they can get mud therapy, and admire the several statues that are there, including the gigantic 33ft. statue of Aphrodite. To access the baths, visitors can use the Akoursos road or the Tala road (Tala road is especially for those on motorcycles or bikes).

Bask on the pristine beaches

You will certainly find no better place in which to bask in the sun than on Cyprus’s fine beaches. There is sunshine for more than 300 days in a year, which is not very common in most countries. You can take a long vacation on the island state to enjoy the sunshine and have fun on the beaches with fine white sand and crystal-clear water, in which you can indulge in swimming. The best of the beaches are found east of Larnaca. You may even consider becoming a Cypriot to endlessly savor the good life, and it is quite easy to do so. All you need is to work with a reliable agent on how to get Cyprus citizenship, and with some money to invest, you can acquire citizenship by investment. Thus, you get to earn from the investments or own a property and at the same time enjoy a carefree life in Cyprus.

Visit Cape Greco

Cape Greco, also known as Cavo Greco, is a protected national forest park that has awesome nature trails and splendid views of the sea, and it offers a rare chance to explore amazing sea caves. There are numerous sea caves along the coast that allow visitors to take part in activities such as cliff-jumping, snorkeling, swimming, and even walking at low-tide.

Visiting archaeological treasures

Cyprus is embedded in a rich history, and the whole Paphos town, found in the southwest, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many archaeological attractions in the town that have been dwelling places since Neolithic times, and can be conveniently reached or visited. Some significant features in the city include the ancient Roman Mosaics, discovered in 1942 by British soldiers, that form part of the archaeological park. Other things to see are the eerie Tombs of the Kings, dating many centuries back.

Experience village life in the restored village houses

Although there are hotels for all budgets, in the past 20 years the government has been offering grants and incentives to locals in order to renovate and repair old country houses. Some of the houses are about 300 years old. However, the houses are comfortable and distinctive and offer you an exceptional opportunity to get a feel of the village life and a chance to cook with garden-fresh produce. Additionally, Hotel Casale Panayiotis, which has stunning mountain views, gives its patrons a village experience by offering guest rooms that are restored houses of an ancient, nearly deserted village.

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