5 DIY Projects That Require An Angle Iron

Angle irons are crucial in the DIY space. However, many individuals have never heard of them. If you’re going to get serious about major DIY projects, though, you will probably need to learn what an angle iron is and how one can be of use.

An angle iron is a piece of solid steel that is made to look like the capital letter “L.” One side is shorter than the other. These are foundational pieces that lend stability to many kinds of buildings, furniture, etc.

Let’s look at some DIY projects you might attempt for which you will need an angle iron.


Many kinds of furniture require angle irons at the base to provide a stable support on which the rest of the piece sits. If you buy furniture from an entity like IKEA or somewhere similar and you put it together yourself, you will probably notice that an angle iron is a part of the base.

If you are trying to make a piece of furniture, like a bed, and you decide you’ll create the entire structure on your own, you are almost certainly going to need an angle iron, if not more than one. Luckily, you can find and purchase them through various brick-and-mortar store locations and online entities.


Just about any shelving unit you try to create on your own will also need some angle irons. Again, it is the stability afforded by this type of piece that makes it such a necessary part of a solid shelving unit that will withstand the test of time.

If you try to set up a shelving unit without angle irons in the base, it is more than likely that it is going to collapse at some point. The heavier the items you put on the shelves, the more possible such an event becomes.

Decorative Accents

Maybe you are more interested in creating something ornamental with your angle irons. You can certainly do that as well.

You can use an angle iron to create a decorative accent that you feature in your home or garden. You can use them as the base for wall art or various decorative plant stands. Some homeowners even make fire pits out of them.


Perhaps you would like to create a new workbench for yourself rather than buying one. That is an ambitious DIY project, but one that many individuals attempt.

An angle iron can factor into those plans as well. If you need inspiration, you can look at pictures on social media platforms like Pinterest. YouTube should also have some videos you can peruse that might inspire you.

Garden Trellises

Making a garden trellis out of angle irons is also possible. You might create one that can accommodate a climbing plant. You might have beans, cucumbers, or tomatoes on such a trellis.

Because of how versatile angle irons are, you can probably think of several other DIY projects that involve them, especially as you become more familiar with how they’re used.

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