5 Ingenious Camper Van Hacks

The number of activities you can do with a camper van is endless. For example, you can set up bunk beds, which can be an efficient solution if you’re traveling with friends or family. The beds can even be designed, so they fold down during the day. In addition to bunk beds, a table is vital to van life since you can use it for various activities. To have more insights try visiting camper van Iceland – rent a camper, RV, or motorhome.

5 Ingenious Camper Van Hacks

Convertible beds

The easiest way to get more sleeping space in a camper van is to install a fixed bed. Typically, this will be a platform or custom-built wood bed. If the van you have is smaller, this may be enough. The bed is easy to install, but it limits the living space in the rest of the van. If you use a convertible bed, you will need to take measurements of the existing floor space to determine how much room is required.

One option is to get a drop-down table bed, which can be made from memory foam pieces and upholstered with fabric. Van lifers recommend the Zinus brand of memory foam mattresses. You can purchase several thicknesses on Amazon and use an electric turkey carving knife to cut the pieces to size. Depending on the size of your van, you may need to purchase several units of this type of bed.

Recirculating shower system

Having a recirculating shower system in your camper van is an excellent idea if you’re planning to travel for long periods. It allows you to use water while camping, saving water and money. There are many options available for recirculating shower systems. These systems can be either electrical or hand-powered. The former can be operated by pumping the handle back and forth. Hand pumps and foot pumps are good for small amounts of water but insufficient to use a shower. Electric pumps can be installed in camper vans to keep the system pressurized.

A recirculating shower system requires filtration of the water. First, the water from the shower drains into a tank. The water is pumped through several filters to remove chlorine and other organic molecules. Then the filtered water is recirculated to the shower head. This is a relatively easy DIY project and requires a tank for storing water. If you’re not comfortable installing the system yourself, you can find instructions online for installing these systems. The recirculating system is best when it incorporates a three-stage water filtration system. In addition to UF and UV filters, spin-down sediment filters are also available.

Fold-down table

If you have a camper van that doesn’t have an existing table, you can either build one or buy one that already comes with the campervan top. Either way, you’ll have a table for your next trip. A fold-down table allows you to have a large table that’s easy to set up and take down. You can get one that comes with a folding table top, or you can purchase one that has a fixed top. However, it’s important to remember that a fixed table will require a lot of space.

A fold-down table is a great space-saving solution, as you’ll be able to use all of the available space in the van, reducing the need for additional storage. In addition, a fold-down table is perfect for a camper van with a long wheelbase, as it won’t interfere with head height. Whether you’re a family of four or five, a fold-down table will allow you to maximize your space.

Solar panels

If you’re planning to buy a solar panel for your camper van, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, you should determine what your van’s energy demands are. It would be best if you also decided whether you want a permanent or portable panel. Once these details are determined, you can choose the size and type of solar panel you need. Solar panels for camper vans range in size, so the wattage and physical size will depend on this factor.

Once you’ve decided on a specific size, you need to have enough space for your solar panels. The wattage of the panels you choose should be adequate for the number of devices you plan to use. You should also ensure that your vehicle’s battery bank is the right size. This will ensure that your solar panel system can keep up with your energy needs. You can use a solar calculator to determine how many panels you need.

Storage options

Depending on your needs, a camper van has various storage options. You can make use of built-in headliners. They are convenient to access and fit well in the interior. The van’s exterior features thin doors that double as storage areas. Portable toilets can be hidden beneath comfortable seats. Other storage options include 12v refrigerators and large storage cabinets. Some vans are equipped with both a toilet and sink.

For more space, consider putting in sliding shelves. These are lightweight and cheap alternatives to cabinetry. They make loading and unloading your van a breeze. You can also build storage into unused areas of the van. Mesh bags can be a handy storage option. Most people use these on the inside of their back doors. A custom camper van can be fitted with storage options that fit your needs perfectly. It’s also a great way to save on space – if you don’t want to spend much, you can use these.

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