The Good Things About Beeswax Candles

Burning beeswax candles is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to clean the air. Moreover, it is a renewable resource. In addition, it is easy to make and is suitable for the environment. You can learn more about the benefits of beeswax candles by reading the following article.

Beeswax Candles

Renewable Resource

The beeswax candles Sussex County are a great alternative to traditional candles and a great way to support your local beekeepers. Beeswax is a renewable resource that is produced during the honey harvest. Bees are also important pollinators, which help to support the local economy. Beeswax candles are also an environmentally friendly; you can find several suppliers in your area.

Beeswax candles produce a clean, natural glow accompanied by a honey-like scent. They do not use artificial fragrances, toxins, or paraffin and are safe for the environment. They also have an all-natural honey aroma, which helps soothe hay fever, asthma, and allergies.

Beeswax candles also emit negative ions, which improve air quality and purify the atmosphere. Compared to petroleum-based candles, beeswax candles are the cleanest. Beeswax candles also burn for a long time, which benefits the environment and your health.


Beeswax candles are one of the most environmentally friendly candles available. They are made from renewable and natural materials. As a result, they burn cleanly, emit no toxins, and can be recycled. The candle wicks are usually cotton, but some brands wrap the lead core and metal base in cotton.

Most run-of-the-mill candles use paraffin wax, a by-product of the oil industry. While paraffin wax may be environmentally friendly, it tends to burn quickly, which isn’t great for the environment. So instead, choose handmade beeswax candles from companies that source their ingredients locally. For example, Brookfield Farm in County Clare makes beeswax candles from bees they raise. And the Waterford company Trish’s Honey Products sources their wax from other Irish beekeepers.

In addition to being natural, Beeswax candles are also free of synthetic dyes and phthalates. They are hand-poured in a family-owned facility near Saratoga Springs, New York. Their products are not only eco-friendly, but they also donate to nonprofit groups that help children in need. Furthermore, these companies support female leadership and the circular economy.

Easy to Make

Beeswax candles are made from the wax produced by bees. They are yellow or gold and can be obtained at any local craft store or online. The process of making candles is the same whether you use beeswax or soy wax. However, beeswax is more expensive than soy wax.

The most basic and inexpensive method to make beeswax candles is to use molds. These molds allow you to create long-lasting candles. Molded candles use more wax than rolled candles and therefore require more materials. However, they are also easier to work with and last for many pours.

To make beeswax candles, you need to purchase beeswax and prepare the ingredients. Then, you can mix it with soothing oils. Beeswax is expensive, so you can save money by choosing cheap oils. Coconut oil is a good choice because it is cheap and gives off a nutty, fresh fragrance. Its fragrant aroma pairs well with lavender and rosemary.

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One of the recent Simply Earth subscription boxes had beeswax sheets to make candles with but I had to skip that month. I was so sad! I’m hoping they have them available for sale on their site with the recipe cards so I can try them in the near future. I’ve used soy and paraffin but I’ve never burned one made of beeswax. Do you have a favorite type of candle? Have you ever used one made of beeswax and, if so, did you like it?

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