ButcherBox Is Accepting New Customers Again. No More Wait List!

WOOT! I’m excited to let y’all know that ButcherBox is, once again, accepting new customers! They had a wait list, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The wait list is over and you can once again sign up!

I love them enough that I became an affiliate.

The following photo is of our own subscription box. The meats were incredible!


Ooooooh y’all! @butcher_box is accepting new Subscribers – no more wait list! Lemme tell ya, their meats are incredible! We received 100% grass-fed beef 🐄, free-range organic chicken 🐔 and heritage-breed pork bacon 🥓. Delicious!

The following link, should you choose to order, is our affiliate links. We appreciate when you use our links. We receive a small commission with no extra fees passed to you.

Have you ever tried ButcherBox meats?

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