Decorate Your Yard With Crab Pot Christmas Trees

In year’s past Clay went all out decorating the yard and eaves of the house with Christmas lights. Last year, he had an umbilical hernia and was laid up for 12 weeks. So no decorating for him last year. Instead, we took it easy with laser lights and such. This year, we decided that since that was such an way to add great looking lights, we’d continue and expand upon it. We have added a pre-lit tree from Crab Pot Christmas Trees, our pre-lit angel and a wreath my son made in his floral design class.

I received a complimentary tree from Crab Pot Christmas Trees as a thank you for posting. All opinions are my own.

Crab Pot Christmas Trees are super easy to use pre-lit trees made from durable PVC Coated Crab Pot Wire. This wire withstands a lot. Mother Nature can hit it with winter weather and it should hold up. We received a 3 foot tree. They area available in several sizes, up to 8 feet!

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Our tree arrived and the box looked like one our daughters guitar came in. Inside was this flat, folded, wire tree with lights on it and twist ties. I didn’t have much hope that this would look good.

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

The Crab Pot Tree was here, though, so I decided to give it a shot.

I unwrapped the white twist ties and unfolded the tree.

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Next, I pulled the sides together and secured them with the green twist ties.

Crab Pot Christmas Trees
Oooh that came out blurry. I’m sorry!

I then had this darling little 3′ Christmas tree.

I decided on a good spot to put it in the yard and secured it to the ground with the included stakes. Well, that was certainly easy enough.

Lastly, I plugged it in and stepped back to see how it looked. It looked adorable! The lights are nice and bright and there isn’t a “bare spot”. The tree is full of lights. I think I’ll order a couple more, then hang an ornament or two on there for daytime.

Crab Pot Christmas Trees

So, we have the Crab Pot Christmas Tree, our angel, wreath, laser light and somewhere in the garage is my wooden sleigh my father-in-law made along with some wire reindeer, light up gifts and poinsettias. If I can get Clay out there to find them all, we’ll be all set!

He better hurry or Christmas will be long gone before all the decorations are up in the yard! Maybe we’ll just stick with the Crab Pot Trees. I think they add plenty of charm and decor.

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Have you ever seen Crab Pot Christmas Trees? What do you think?

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