Create Your Own Makeup With 1 Easy Simply Earth Makeup Line

Did you know you can create your own makeup in just a few minutes? I learned to make my own DIY mineral makeup and I am in love! Simply Earth is one of my 2 favorite essential oil companies. I tend to shop from them more than anywhere else because they are 1. pure, 2. affordable and 3. they have pretty much everything I need to create a recipe including makeup base, pigments and micas! They’ve recently launched the Simply Earth Makeup Line that allows folks like us to create our own makeup creations.

Simply Earth Makeup Line: Create Your Own Makeup - DIY mineral makeup

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Why Create Your Own Makeup With Simply Earth makeup Line?

That question is incredibly simple to answer. I know what ingredients I am putting in my makeup and on my face. I can create clean mineral makeup products that are actually good for my skin! Not only will I look pretty but my skin will be getting beneficial minerals and oils that help rejuvenate and possibly even heal damage caused from other products.

I was chosen to test out their new makeup line and create my own DIY makeup! I received everything that is available in their makeup category and given free range to make the makeup products I wanted. My daughter and I made blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation and translucent setting powder. It was quick. It was easy. And it was fun!

What Is Included In The Simply Earth Makeup Line

The Simply Earth Makeup Line includes the following (individually purchased) items:

  • Makeup Base
  • Pigments
  • Red Iron Oxide
  • Cosmetic Tins (rectangle or square)
  • Magnetic compact (to hold your tins)

The makeup base is used as the base/foundation of your makeup products. A little goes a very long way. For each of my recipes I used only a tsp! It is a mineral makeup base that is incredibly breathable and light on the skin.

We used it with 1/32 tsp of oxide and a couple drops of almond oil to make our eyeshadows. We stirred and pressed everything together until we had a uniform consistency. I had a little trouble, at first, getting it just right but we played around a little and figured it out pretty quickly! It only took minutes to create a DIY mineral makeup eyeshadow that was creamy, well pigmented and the shade we wanted, once we figured out what we were doing.

We did the same for the other products we made. I’ll try to get some videos made next week showing how we make our DIY mineral makeup! We were both sick this past week and just didn’t feel like setting up and being on camera.

I love that the compact is magnetic in the bottom so the little tins pop right in and stay in place! One thing about using the tins and compact, though, is that loose powder may come out the sides of the tins. I made our products into creamy cosmetics by adding a touch of oil. But, the translucent setting powder is loose and it did come out the sides and made a bit of a mess so I don’t put that one in the tins or compact. If you make a loose powder mineral makeup, make sure you put it into something with a screw on lid like these amber jars from Simply Earth.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the compact and tins. They work perfectly for the creamy eyeshadows, blush and bronzer.

Get the Simply Earth Makeup Line here.

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Do you make your own DIY mineral makeup? If so, what tips do you have for getting the perfect consistency?

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