Disney Frozen Inspired Hairstyles

Ok, so last week I told you about a great book featuring hair care tips for girls that was inspired by Disney Frozen, called Amazing Hairstyle Tricks Inspired By Anna and Elsa. It featured all sorts of tricks and tips for managing and caring for your hair as well as a couple cute Disney Frozen inspired hairstyles. This week, I have another book in my Disney Inspired Hairstyles series. It has loads of great photographs and step-by-step instructions for 28 Anna and Elsa inspired looks.

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Disclosure: I received Disney Frozen Fever Hairstyles to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own and/or those of family and friends participating in my review.

Book #2: Disney Frozen Fever Hairstyles Inspired By Anna & Elsa.

Disney Frozen Inspired Hairstyles

My daughters’ and I have been testing out the girls hairstyles. Most of them contain some sort of braid and there is an entire section in the beginning of the book with tutorials on different braided hairstyles called Braidschool.

Frozen Inspired Hairstyles: Braidschool

The first one we tried out is called A Flow Of Locks. It is super easy to create. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and within a couple of minutes, my daughter had a new hairstyle. Ours went a little more down the middle than off to the side, like in the book. But overall, I think it turned out pretty good for the first try.

Frozen Inspired Hairstyles: A Flow Of Locks

She also wanted me to do the Braided Ladder. This one is really neat. It’s a twist on the traditional French Braid and had a very dainty look to it. I’ve been having some problems with my hands drawing so I need to redo this one before posting a photo of her hair. My hands just didn’t want to cooperate this week. I’ll add it next week.

Frozen Inspired Hairstyles: Braided Ladder

Along with the Braidschool and Twists and Braids, there are sections that show how to do Updo’s and Buns as well as Wavy looks and Ponytails. These hairstyles don’t just look great on young girls. Some of the updo’s would be gorgeous for weddings, dances, prom’s, etc.

Frozen Inspired Hairstyles: Braided Circle

I’ve had so much fun giving the girls new hairstyles the last couple of weeks.

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Up next I’ll be showing you a Disney Hairstyle inspired book that is just in time for Halloween: Disney Villains Hairstyles and Looks!

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