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The Naked Dog Subscription Box

We all love receiving monthly subscription boxes and there are several out there for items ranging from beauty to camping to pets! One that I like is The Naked Dog Subscription Box that provides a customized bag of dog food for your dog every two weeks.

I teamed up with The Naked Dog and Blog Paws to check out this service. All opinions are strictly my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

The Naked Dog Subscription Box

You receive a scoop in the correct size for your dog and you can add on additional items like treats, toys, poop bags, etc. You’ll also receive a surprise toy or treat in each box.

These boxes are based on your, individual, dog. When you sign up you’ll add your dogs name, choose if it is a puppy, adult or senior. You’ll pick it’s activity level, weight, etc. and the folks there will customize the food and portion for your dog.

The Naked Dog Subscription Box

The dog food in The Naked Dog Subscription Box is:

  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and entirely free of potatoes, corn, and soy
    – the best low in sugar formula to help your dog maintain a healthy glycemic index
  • A single protein source hypoallergenic food
    (a limited ingredient diet)
  • Cooked in California, all natural, and better than the competing brands.
    Plus free shipping every two weeks!

Promo:  $10 for the first box regardless of dog size

Code:  cinnamon10

Ok, my thoughts on the Naked Dog Subscription Box:


It took some coaxing to get Jasper to eat the food in his Naked Dog subscription box. He usually gobbles things as soon as they hit the floor, so I was surprised he didn’t take to it right away. He did finally eat it though so he wasn’t entirely turned off.

He is fed twice per day so, because Jasper gets tummy troubles with new foods, I gave him the Naked Dog food in the morning and his regular in the evening to wean him onto it.

The 2nd day’s feeding was the same. He sniffed it, looked at it and walked off, then came back later and ate. 3rd day was the same. I still don’t know why. He did end up with diarrhea on day 3 and didn’t eat much that night. Day 4, still had some diarrhea but his appetite had returned and he ate a little quicker, but still didn’t eat all of it.

Day 5, no diarrhea and he ate his regular food with gusto. He still wasn’t as thrilled with the Naked Dog food, though.  I tried giving him a little and he sniffed it and walked away, then came back later and nibbled on it some. It looks and smells fine to me so I’m not sure what’s up unless he just doesn’t like the variety that was chosen for him. The variety chosen for him is Salmon and Chickpea. He loves beef so maybe this is just too different.

You can edit and choose a different variety. They also have Turkey and Chickpea as well as Beef and Chickpea. I have a feeling he would gobble the Beef and Chickpea right up!

So, sadly, it didn’t work well for us at first. But we’ll give it another try with the other flavor because, in theory, it is a great subscription plan. I would suggest trying one bag with your dog and seeing if it likes it. If so, sign up and save some time and money buying dog food and goodies for your dog!

Have you used a subscription service for your dog food? Would you consider it?

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