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I adore make-up and make-up accessories like this Ellore Femme Make Up Brush Kit that I received for free as a member of the US Family Guide. I love playing with make-up and trying out new colors and techniques so I was more excited than you can imagine to receive this set. It includes brushes to apply any type of make-up or make-up effect I want.

Ellore Femme Make Up Brush Kit

To add the awesomeness, I have an awesome promo code to share with all of you. You can save $120 off this Ellore Femme 24 piece makeup brush set!

You can purchase the Kit here and use the following code to save $120!

Use Promo Code: BL29

High quality bristles: natural soft animal hairs from Persian, horse & synthetic fibers, helps create a natural and long-lasting look
Suitable for both salon use, home make-up or as an on the go cosmetic kit
Comes with a portable leather pouch, easy to collect and carry
Roll-up design, offers great protection
A wide variety of brushes included for a wide variety of applications
Superior powder holding capabilities

My thoughts:

The brushes are all really soft. I haven’t noticed any shedding of the bristles. The wooden handles are comfortable and easy to grip. I’ve been able to apply my eye make-up with more precision using the various shadow brushes and the highlight brush is perfect for adding just a tough of my E.L.F Baked highlighter to my cheekbones. I’m in love!

Brushes included:

  • 1 Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
  • 1  Large Powder Brush
  • 1 Powder & Blush Brush
  • 1 Large Bevel Contour Brush
  • 1 Foundation Brush
  • 1 Highlight Brush
  • 1 Large Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Eye shadow brush
  • 1 Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Nose Shadow Brush
  • 1 Small Eye Shadow
  • 1 Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow
  • 1 Small Eye Shadow
  • 1 Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Concealer Brush
  • 1 Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
  • 1 Lip Brush
  • 1 Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush
  • 1 Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb
  • 1 Eyelash Brush
  • 1 Fine Eyeliner Brush
  • 1 Black Imitation Leather Case

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