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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze.

Febreze Spring Collection

Spring brings a melody of floral fragrances and scents and many products feature these fragrances like the new Febreze Spring Scents. They have a limited time selection of Spring Scents including:

  • Rain
  • Sweet Pea Petals
  • Nectar
  • Wildflower

Febreze BT Image

You can find them as spray air freshener, NOTICEables oil warmer plugins, wax melts, set & refresh oil fresheners and plugins for your car. I was lucky enough to get to try out a Set & Refresh and Car freshener in Rain scent, NOTICEables in Sweet Pea/Pink Petals scent, and the “Look Book” with all the scents listed and featuring scratch-n-sniff so I could see what they all smell like.

I LOVE adding fragrances to my home and changing them up for the seasons. It really gets you in the mood for each season to begin. I’ve mentioned in the past that I have migraine problems with some florals. But here lately the products that have been coming out have been strongly scented yet mild in terms of the overall “floral-ness” if that makes sense. I think it is because with products like Febreze NOTICEables you can adjust the intensity of the fragrance coming out. So I can make it milder. Then my house still smells amazing but my sinuses and head don’t suffer. I thank them for that!

Febreze Spring Collection Set And Refresh

These new Spring Scents smell fantastic too. I have the Febreze Set & Refresh sitting beside my desk. Mine is the Rain scent and it smells so fresh and clean. Like freshly washed laundry. The first day I forgot it was sitting there and I kept getting this whiff of it and couldn’t figure out what it was but loved it! It smells so good. I was in the best mood all day. Then I remembered I had put the Febreze air freshener there and was even happier because I knew it would be smelling my house up nice the next day too. It’s been over a 2 weeks and it still smells great!

Febreze Spring Collection NOTICEables

I put the NOTICEables in Sweet Pea/Pink Petals scent in our hallway. There is a plug there and one of our air returns so it is the perfect spot to put it and scent the entire house. The return pulls the fragrance through and circulates it throughout the house. It also smells wonderful. It is light and fresh. Even though it is floral it also has sort of a fruity background.

Febreze Spring Collection Car Freshener

Lastly, I put the Febreze Car freshener in, you know, the car. Duh. 😀 But I put it in there right before we went on a little weekend getaway.

It is also the Rain scent. Clay and the kids remarked on how wonderful the van smelled all through our trip. I am totally loving this Rain scent. I’ve think it is my absolute favorite and I’d love to see it year round. I’d buy it often!

So those are the new Febreze Spring Scents and they are limited edition. But I started thinking about other things that I love about Spring other than the fragrances that are available and the ones that are natural outside. We have had the yuckiest winter. Cold and freezing one day, warm the next, icy the next. It’s been miserable. I am SO ready for some sunshine! Sunny Spring days make me want to take picnics with the kids, ride through Cades Cove on a weekend trip, play ball, take walks, go to the park and just thoroughly enjoy being outside. 

White puffy clouds. A quick rain shower and that after the rain scent. Rainbows. Sunshine and flowers. Those are all things that remind me of spring and make me super happy.

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What things remind you of Spring? What is your favorite first sign of Spring and what scents remind you of Spring? And have you tried any of the new Febreze Spring Scents yet?

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