Finding Your Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Jeans are the workhorse of any wardrobe. Finding that perfect pair that fits just right and flatters your body can feel impossible. With so many rises, leg shapes, lengths, and fabrics to choose from, the options seem endless. Where do you even start?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find your ideal jeans. By considering your body type, style, and lifestyle, you’re sure to discover the perfect pair. From stretchy skinny jeans for date night to relaxed mom jeans for weekends, learn how to select jeans that help you look and feel your best.

Whether you’re petite or tall, curvy or athletic, this breakdown of fit, fabric, and style will help you narrow down your search. With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to confidently choose jeans that fit and flatter your figure. Read on to find your new favorite pair.

finding your perfect pair of jeans

Considerations When Choosing Jeans

Whether you’re petite or tall, curvy or athletic, this breakdown of fit, fabric, and style will help you narrow down your search. With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to confidently choose jeans that fit and flatter your figure. Here are some things to consider:


One of the first things to think about is rise. This refers to the distance between the crotch seam and the waistband. Rise impacts where the jeans will hit on your waist. The main options are:

  • Low rise: sits below the hips, a few inches below the belly button
  • Mid rise: sits at the hip bones, right at the belly button level
  • High rise: sits at or above the belly button, sometimes near the natural waist

Lower rises are trendy for accentuating curves, while higher rises offer more coverage and support. Consider proportion—shorter torsos can be overwhelmed by high rises, and longer torsos balanced by mid to low rises.

Leg Shape

Once you’ve decided on rise, think about leg shape. The main choices include:

  • Straight leg: classic fit with legs that are the same width from hip to hem
  • Bootcut: slightly fitted through the thigh with a slight flare at the ankle
  • Skinny: fitted throughout the leg from hip to ankle
  • Wide leg: loose, wide legs from hip to ankle

Consider your body type. Straight or bootcut styles balance curvy hips, while skinny jeans elongate the leg on shorter frames. Wide leg looks great on taller women.


Jeans come in different inseam lengths from petite to extra long. Make sure to choose a length that fits your height. Styles include:

  • Cropped: hits above the ankle, great for showing off shoes
  • Ankle: ends just at the ankle bone, ideal for casual looks
  • Regular: sits around the top of the foot, versatile option
  • Long: goes past the ankle down toward the top of the foot

Petite women can roll longer jeans for a casual cropped effect. Those with longer legs may prefer the sleek look of full length jeans.

Fabrics and Stretch

Fabric choice impacts comfort, structure, and style. The main options include:


The classic jean fabric, denim is available in a range of weights from lightweight to rigid. Stretch denim incorporates spandex for flexibility. Dark indigo wash is universal and dresses up well. Medium blue tones are highly versatile. Light wash gives off relaxed weekend vibes. Consider acid wash or distressed details for a vintage vibe. Denim comes in cotton or cotton/poly blends.


For ultimate comfort, jeggings have the look of denim with the stretchy feel of leggings. They come in cotton, polyester stretch fabrics, or modal blends. Great for casual wear, their ultra-fitted nature works well on curvier frames. Jegging styles can lack structure around the waist.


Having a major fashion moment, corduroy provides great texture and a classically cool look. Stretch corduroy jeans marry comfort and style. The ribbed fabric holds its shape well and comes in an array of colors.

Faux Leather

For an edgy twist, faux leather jeans offer sheen and structure. They make basics like t-shirts and sweaters pop. The plastic-based fabric can run warm, so fine for colder months. Look for stretch faux leather to ease movement.

Styles for Every Occasion

From weekends to nights out, consider what styles work for your lifestyle:

Weekend Wear

Relaxed high rise jeans in ripped, light, or medium wash denim have off-duty model appeal. Pair with oversized sweaters, t-shirts, or flannels. Distressed details and raw hems enhance the casual vibe.


A medium wash straight leg jean looks polished with blazers, blouses, and loafers. Dark wash skinny jeans with ankle booties and a tailored coat bring weekend vibes to the office in a structured way.


A high-waisted dark skinny jean makes legs look miles long, especially with a heel. Pair with silky camis or cropped sweater tops. Burgundy, olive, and brown washes provide an alternative to classic blue. Consider black jeans for maximum drama.

Finding the Perfect Fit

All the style elements matter little if your jeans don’t fit well. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on comfort—jeans shouldn’t pinch, pull, or restrict movement.
  • The waistband should sit comfortably without gaping or cutting in. Make sure to try on any new pairs sitting down.
  • Look for a flattering fit through the hips and thighs without pulling or gaping fabric.
  • The legs should be smooth without bunching fabric around the knees and ankles.
  • Hem lengths give you options like cuffing shorter jeans or getting long jeans tailored.

Don’t get discouraged if your first pairs don’t fit perfectly. Finding that ideal jean takes trial and error. Once you discover the rise, cut, and brand that suits your body, stock up.

Shop for Your Dream Jeans

If you love the look of classic jeans with the comfort of leggings, check out Grace and Lace’s collection of jeans. Their innovative stretch lace fabric hugs curves for an ultra-flattering fit. Pieces come in a variety of stylish washes to suit any occasion.

With some consideration of your body type, style, and lifestyle finding those perfect jeans is totally achievable. Start trying out different rises, cuts, and fabrics to discover your match. Your wardrobe will thank you once you settle on the ideal pair.

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