Fun Festivals On Fantastic Phuket Island!

Phuket is one of the shining emeralds in Thailand’s rich crown of beautiful travel destinations. This amazing island is just a short flight from Bangkok and has everything a tropical island holidaymaker could want, long stretches of white sand beach, warm, azure waters for swimming and diving, palm trees swaying in the Tradewinds, and fantastic cuisine featuring some of the world’s best and freshest seafood! Phuket is rightfully famous for all of these lovely attractions, but there is still another dimension to this island paradise, and that is the rich culture that can be discovered during the island’s many fantastic festivals!

To enjoy your Phuket experience to the fullest, we highly recommend you check into the all inclusive resort in Phuket, the perfect place to base your island adventures from. Featuring world-class accommodations and dining, you will love every minute of your stay! If you have timed things right you will be able to enjoy one of the island’s many spectacular festivals. The following celebrations are two of our most beloved favourites:

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Songkran, Thai New Year– Every April 13 to 15 the Thais celebrate the New Year in a very special way with the festival of Songkran. Originally this was a time of quiet reflection to mark the start of the solar calendar and noted by splashing small amounts of water on elderly people as a sign of respect. Well, not too surprisingly knowing human nature, this has evolved into a no-holds-barred water fight the likes of which has never been seen anywhere else in the globe! If you thought celebrating New Year’s Eve somewhere like New York’s Times Square was the height of excitement, you haven’t been to Songkran! People line the streets armed with hoses, buckets, and water pistols to eagerly soak everyone who passes by! It’s all in good fun, and the only way to beat it is to join in. Prepare to get wet from head to toe and have a Happy Thai New Year!

Por Tor, Festival of Hungry Ghosts – This fascinating festival was brought to Phuket by the many Chinese immigrants who settled on the island and who still maintain a rich link to their cultural heritage. The basic idea is that the spirits of one’s ancestors return from the afterlife to this world to enjoy offerings of food and drink. The 7 days and nights of celebration begin on the first day of the waxing moon in the Chinese calendar’s 7th month, which corresponds roughly to mid-August. Offerings of food and flowers are placed on altars along with candles and incense. All the island’s Chinese shrines host celebratory events including lion dances, parades, music and magic acts, and a bewildering variety of delicious food. Make sure to try the scrumptious “turtle cakes” that mark this very special time of year.

If you plan on travelling to Thailand, make a point of visiting Phuket during one of its many festivals, you will have the time of your life!

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