Getting Ready For Back To School

I just looked at the calendar and freaked out. School starts here in just a few days! I feel like my kids just got out of school and it is already time to go back! I’m not ready. They’re not ready. It’s too soon! But the fact of the matter is that it’s starting back, ready or not.

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That means we have to finish getting all the kids school supplies. We also have to get supplies for here at home, for homework. The kids like to use a tablet or their little smartphones, for their homework, and some of the teachers actually prefer they do for certain things. But photos, music and apps take up a lot of space. So we need a great sd card to hold it all. I prefer the SanDisk microSD™. It works with all the devices we own so I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It works on the tablet, our smartphones and even in my camera. And it’s tiny. So it fits alone or by using an adapter if needed. So, it’s the one I prefer. I know I can get it and be done and have all the media storage I need. I love SanDisk and that is seriously the only brand of media storage I will buy. It hasn’t failed me yet.

SanDisk MicroSd Card

We have Android smartphones but an iPad 2 tablet. I’m considering getting an Android tablet too which would also use a SanDisk microSD™. In the meantime, I like that I can use a USB for the iPad to allow for easier transfer between our iPad and the computer. This frees up iPad memory with both lightning and USB connectors. I can then store that info on a SanDisk microSD™ so the kids can transport it between devices. They can store their study notes on it and take from their computer to their phone, tablet, etc.

If they don’t want to move their microSD™ card around, they can choose a SanDisk Flash Drive instead. There are several different styles. Then they can just store all their info on it and transfer it from computer to computer. Either way, it makes it easier to keep up with digital notes and media.


SanDisk Flash Drive

Ok, I got sidetracked with the storage devices. Aside from their digital supplies, the kids need tons of paper, pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, erasers, folders and binders. Tons. We have 4 kids and I swear their supply lists get longer and longer each and every year. I’m so glad they mail them out a few weeks in advance or I’d never have time to get everything bought and gathered up!

For the little ones, I have a tiny complaint. We have to buy pencils and crayons that will go into a basket and be used by all the kids in the class. My kids pick things out that they may never even get to use. Ok, so I don’t necessarily mind the sharing. It does teach the kids to share and I know there are some kids that can’t afford school supplies. This lets everyone have them to use. But the teachers demand name brand and I can’t always afford them. So that gets annoying. Also, I feel like “community school supplies” is yet one more way to spread germs in the class room. But hey, it is what it is, right? Ok, mini rant over.

If you are looking for media storage, SD cards, etc. check out the SanDisk products for Back to School available on the SanDisk page on and in-store. Visit the site to learn what card is right for you.

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