Ghost Tours: An Excellent Way To Learn About Salem

Most people hear the name Salem and just think of the tales of horrific witch trials. More often than not, people are not aware of the paranormal history of the city or the famous places that have a reputation for being haunted. If you wish to know the supernatural-related history of the city, you can book a ghost tour in Salem, MA. Do a Google search, and you will find the best tour companies that take you on a journey in search of voodoo, vampires, and ghosts.

Reliable agencies take you to purportedly haunted locations, making it perfect for those who enjoy the paranormal. You will discover haunted cemeteries, go to places where ghosts were sighted, and hear a professional tour guide tell the frightening history of Salem. Historic locations have become known for being haunted for a reason, and the guides are able to retell a ghost story with sufficient historical background.

Visit the Infamous Witch House

The Witch House became well-known because of the Salem Witch Trials, which will always live in infamy. Judge Jonathan Corwin, the main inhabitant of the house, would preside over the execution of people who were charged with witchcraft. Even the mason of The Witch House was accused of witchcraft but was ultimately exonerated. Jonathan Corwin’s actions left a lasting effect on the Witch House, and after the witch hunt ended, the Witch House became known for having the “Corwin Curse.” This historic house has witnessed tragedy and horrific deaths, having lost eight Corwin lives due to untimely deaths. More than twenty innocent lives were sacrificed as a result of Judge Corwin and his colleagues’ cruel actions.

Ghost Sightings in the Old Salem Jail

Ghost sightings in the old Salem jail have grown very common since the jail was closed in the early 1990s. Even though the prison was disconnected from the electrical grid, witnesses claimed to have seen flashing lights inside the then-empty jail. At all hours of the day, eerie sounds have been heard, and those who had the courage to enter the place have frequently seen shadow figures lurking in the jail cells. The Old Salem Jail is a magnificently renovated historic structure these days, but if you examine it carefully enough, you may still see signs of disquiet spirits from the past. There are also unexplained orbs often captured in photographs, which some believe to be evidence of paranormal activity. If you are curious about what are orbs, these orbs are typically circular anomalies that appear in photographs or videos and are often associated with hauntings or spiritual presences.

Go to the Old Burying Point Cemetery

The Old Burying Point Cemetery, which has a memorial to the Salem Witch Trials victims, is another attraction in the town. The graves of those who condemned and executed innocent women for “witchcraft” are located in this place. It is the oldest cemetery in Salem and the second oldest in the country. It is also often referred to as Charter Street Cemetery. The cemetery is more than just a destination for tourists, as it serves as a reminder of a troubled period in the nation’s history. These are the tombs, the skeletal remains of people who lived in an era when women were killed because of false rumors.

Check out the Proctor’s Ledge

A “Lady in White” is said to frequent Proctor’s Ledge according to local lore, and even some tourists say that they saw her or heard her voice. Incandescent orbs and cold spots have also been reported by visitors and taken as signs of unhappy spirits still lingering after they were killed in the Salem Witch Trials.

Final Remarks

Salem has long been known for the witch trials, but the city has many more haunted places. If you wish to check out the tales for yourself, you may go on a ghost tour of the city. You will also get a chance to learn about the rich history of the city while taking such a tour. The fact that many of its most infamous and ancient buildings are still standing gives Salem special significance. To help you feel a part of the history that happened there, the tour guide takes you to all of these locations and tells you the real tales behind them.

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