Giving Back With Paul Mitchell

It’s 45 days until Christmas. It’s the Holiday season.

Those two little sentences are capable of striking panic in the hearts of people and parents everywhere. We begin rushing around trying to find the “perfect gifts” for our loved ones. We tend to get so wrapped up in the “gifting” of the season, that we forget about the fact that it is the “season of giving”. Giving to others, not just gifts to family and friends. Giving to those who are less fortunate than we may be. Giving to those in need. Giving to those who may not have a hot meal on any day of the year, not just during the Holidays. Giving to those who may have lost hope for a brighter day.

That’s the real meaning of this season of Holidays and everyday, although this is the time of year that we tend to really focus on it.

Paul Mitchell gets it. Paul Mitchell knows what it means to “give back”. They’re not just stylish when it comes to hair and beauty. They’re stylish when it comes to giving back to this world. They even have a mission surrounding it: #GivingIsMyStyle.

I received a complimentary gift or payment for posting on behalf of Paul Mitchell and the #GivingIsMyStyle campaign. But you know what? I would have posted regardless. It means that much to me. Clay and I have had tough times. We’ve been down and out and needed help. Now, we try to give back as much as we can. If we see that someone needs us we try our darndest to be there and to help out. Not just at Christmas, but throughout the year. Family, friends, strangers in the store, community, school… it doesn’t matter. There’s not always a lot we can do, but we do what we can when we can.

Paul Mitchell #GivingIsMyStyle

Paul Mitchell Mission:

“Live beautifully by giving”

This holiday season, we’re celebrating our commitment to live beautifully by giving, because that’s our style. Whether that means taking steps toward sustainability, helping families in need or supporting underserved kids, Paul Mitchell® believes in doing good for people, animals and our planet. Join our global family and share why or how you give back on Instagram or Twitter with #GivingIsMyStyle, and we’ll donate $1 to one of our favorite charities on your behalf.* (up to 200,000)

I am SO honored to be able to share this info with you! There are 6 incredible causes being showcased including:

  • Bright Pink: Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. We are proud to support their mission to educate, equip and empower women of all ages to be proactive with their health. @BeBrightPink
  • Waterkeeper Foundation: For more than 10 years, Paul Mitchell has supported Waterkeeper Alliance in their mission to protect rivers, streams, coastlines and other major waterways around the world.@Waterkeeper
  • Morris Animal Foundation: Morris Animal Foundation is a global leader in supporting scientific research that advances veterinary medicine. We’re proud to support the organization’s commitment to improving the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife around the world.@Morris_Animal
  • Grow Appalachia: In 2010, Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria teamed up with Berea College to establish Grow Appalachia, a non-profit initiative that helps Appalachian families plant a healthy future. Over the last few years, the organization has produced more than 1.1 million pounds of healthy, organic food for thousands of people in five states. @GrowAppalachia
  • Boys & Girls Club: Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria grew up in an underserved Los Angeles community. During his youth, the local Boys & Girls Club provided a safe place for him to socialize, learn and grow. Today, our company is proud to give back to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and their efforts to create great futures for young people.@BGCA_Clubs
  • Reforest’Action: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree proudly supports Reforest’Action, an environmental organization that plants trees worldwide, in the areas where they’re needed most. Join The Green Takeover and help us plant 500,000 trees by 2016.

Being from Kentucky and with our love of the Appalachian mountains I have to say that Grow Appalachia is especially high on my list of cause related happiness! I’m proud of Berea College for teaming up to help establish this non profit. It has benefited families in 5 states. That is a big deal. All of these causes are a big deal and they are all doing so much to help this world and the people in it.

You might not think that $1 can do much. But it can! One tiny little social share using the hashtag #GivingIsMyStyle gets $1 donated on your behalf. Now just imagine if 100,000 people send out a social share with that hashtag. That’s $100,000 being donated. It adds up folks. And it makes a difference. You make a difference! @PaulMitchellUS makes a difference!

Here’s a video that shows you a little more about what the #GivingIsMyStyle campaign is all about:

Please help out these amazing causes by showing us what you do to give back. I’m going to! Do you volunteer in your community? Do you donate to charity? Are you a foster parent? Do you work at an animal shelter? Do you volunteer at your child’s school? Do you simply realize when your friend is having a rough time and cook them a meal or take them out for drinks or lunch. Show us! Show us in a tweet or Instagram photo how you give back and DON’T FORGET to hashtag it with #GivingIsMyStyle!

This is not a requirement but please come back and leave links to your shares in the comments below so I can check them out and give them some love! I would love to see how you give back!

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