Happy Dog, Happy You: Simple Ways To Become Your Dog’s Best Friend

Do you consider your dog to be one of your best friends? If not, you may be missing out on some simple ways to make your furry friend feel loved and appreciated. According to Medical News Today, families with dogs as family members enjoy better physical and emotional health. With this in mind, you need to put a little more effort into becoming your dog’s favorite person.

Most dog owners would say that their canine companions make them happy. But what if you could harness that happiness and turn it back around on your pup? Believe it or not, there are actually a few simple things you can do every day to become your dog’s best friend. Below are a few you should know.

Happy Dog
  1. Spend time with your pup

One of the most important things you can do to become your dog’s best friend is to spend time with your dog. A study by Applied Animal Behavior Science revealed that dogs that spent more time with their owners exhibited fewer behavior problems. Therefore, make sure you set aside some time each day to just hang out with your pup. Whether you’re playing fetch, going for a walk, or watching TV, quality time together is key.

  1. Feed them well

Dogs need a balanced diet just like humans, and feeding them well is one of the easiest ways to become best friends. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 53 percent of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. This means that you should be careful about what your dog eats and ensure they maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Gift them with toys

Dogs love to play, and a simple way to become your dog’s best friend is to give them dog toys to play with. Interactive toys, like a Kong filled with peanut butter or a puzzle toy, are perfect for keeping your dog entertained. Not only will they have fun playing with their new toy, but they’ll also get the much-needed exercise. According to the Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience journal, dogs show signs of pleasure when they’re given their favorite toy or treat. Therefore, don’t be afraid to spoil your pooch with their favorite doggie treats!

  1. Let them get some fresh air

Don’t just let your dog outside for potty breaks. Instead, take them out for some fun once in a while. A walk around the neighborhood is good exercise and can be a great way to bond with your pup while also picking up his poop (a very important part of being his best friend).

  1. Take care of their dental hygiene

Like humans, dogs can develop plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth, leading to serious health problems down the line. If you don’t clean your dog’s teeth daily, consider picking up some pet toothpaste at your local pet store.

  1. Brush their fur and nails regularly

Regularly grooming your dog is one of the best ways to ensure they stay healthy, happy, and clean. Not only will brushing help to remove dirt from your pup’s coat, but it will also stimulate blood flow while removing dead hair and distributing natural oils through your dog’s coat. Plus, a monthly nail trim can reduce the risk of paw injuries caused by long nails.

Summing Up

You can’t always be there for your dog. But, by following the above simple tips, you can strengthen the bond you share with your pup while ensuring they have a long, happy life. You will also become a more understanding pack leader who’s loved unconditionally. And that will make both of you happy!

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