Have Your Decorative Styles Changed Over The Years?

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Do you think your personal, decorative styles have changed over the years?

I KNOW mine have. It’s strange, really. As much as it has changed, it has also stayed the same. I guess you could say it has evolved. It’s evolved into its own “thing”

When my husband and I first got married, our home was decorated with Native American pieces we would find while on vacation in the mountains. The house we lived in had gorgeous real wood paneling in a honey tone and our house had a wonderful lodge feel to it.

Then, somewhere along the way, people started collecting lighthouses for me and I switched to decorating my living room with an ocean/lighthouse feel. I still have those blues and tans along with some browns and deep reds, but they’ve been moved to our bedroom to create a restful, breezy feel.

I’ve always had a love of Prim decor. Not really country, but Primitive. You know, homemade, scented sugar cones, pip berries, rag rugs and table runners. Rusty bells a grubby candles heavily scented with bakery scents.

I still have that love. But somewhere along the way, I’ve developed a love for contemporary furniture as well. I also have a love of all things retro.

My favorite color is red and I could easily do my kitchen with deepΒ  dark red cafe curtains, retro appliances, a red Formica top retro cafe table with black, contemporary scoop chairs like you see in the photo. Throw in a yummy bakery candle and some pinecones in a jar and you have yourself an awesome, if not eclectic, combination in a kitchen.

It’s all in how you put it together. I think I have the knack of putting old and new together in a way that works. What I don’t have, however, is the funds to do so. So, like with everything else I do, I’m always looking online for decorating inspiration, cute and inexpensive retro and prim pieces and affordable contemporary furniture.

I’ve found a few things like the chair above. We have an open floor plan and black leather furniture. Even though it is black leather, it has a nice, homey feel to it so I can easily mix in the other elements and decor styles throughout the open floor plan. It all works together so well. And by looking on line for affordable pieces and buying a little at a time, I can mix and match and create the perfect living space for us.

I look back at what our first home together looked like and can’t believe the difference. You really seem to find yourself and a style all your own throughout a marriage. It’s funny to look back on it all.

So talk to me. How has your style changed throughout the years? Or has it?

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