How To Create A Peaceful Oasis In Your Backyard

Having a garden is a blessing, but that doesn’t mean that no work is necessary. To create a truly peaceful oasis in your backyard where you can relax and decompress every day, you need to introduce a couple of changes regarding the furniture, natural features and the arrangement. 

How to Create a Peaceful Oasis in Your Garden

1.Use the view

If you are lucky to have a home with a beautiful view, don’t hesitate to show it off. 

If the view is visible from your garden, don’t block it with the trees and bushes or even with the outdoor furniture.

Moreover, you should create a landscape that complements the view and not competes with it. The same goes for outdoor furniture – choose it carefully so that it is in harmony with the view and that its position frames the view.

2. Add a water feature

A truly relaxing garden always has a water feature in it, whether it is a natural stream or a small fountain, or an artificial pond.

You can get creative and turn a decorative pot into a small waterfall feature. You can even go big and create a built-in waterfall up against a garden wall by adding large stones vertically.

A water feature provides soft tranquility and a bit of dramatic vibe inside your garden.

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Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels

3. Build a lovely patio

If built and decorated carelessly, your patio will be just a hot area of concrete where you don’t spend much of your time.

However, if you build it and arrange it in a way that it becomes an extension of your home, then it will get the necessary warmth and allure, inviting you to spend your afternoon in the fresh air.

Patios are usually made of stone or brick. In case you opt for concrete, you could add colour and texture to give the material a more natural look. It’s important to choose the items on it wisely – the weatherproof furniture, the planting beds surrounding it, and the pots decorating the patio. Relaxation is a must and providing a garden day bed and a couple of lounge chairs will provide just that. Lastly, don’t forget to provide shade on the patio. It can be in the form of a big umbrella, a pergola, awnings, or even a tree.

4. Add large-leafed plants

Spending time in a tropical oasis doesn’t sound bad, right? To create the ambience of a tropical rainforest, plant large-leafed plants around the garden. These plants incite drama and dominate the yard – don’t be afraid to let them go wild just a bit. Just don’t forget they love water and humidity – you need to water them frequently, so you’ll need a long hose to reach them and the rest of the garden. Only a maintained garden that’s regularly watered can be lush. See what quality hose reels you need to keep the hose neat when you are done with watering.

5. Decorate the space with vines

We all associate vines with dreamy gardens, so why not decorate your little oasis with them?

You can add them to fencing, benches, walls and all other structures you find suitable. They not only create a dreamy effect but they also add to your privacy. If you want an abundance of colours, consider trumpet vine, honeysuckle, clematis, and morning glory. They will be a wonderful contrast to the greenery in the garden.

How to Create a Peaceful Oasis in Your Garden
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

6. Define garden space with outdoor structures

Outdoor structures around the garden define space if you choose the right structures and place them in just the right spots.

For example, a gazebo in the centre of the garden creates a focus and adds luxury. If not in the centre, you can add the gazebo near the patio or place it somewhere in the garden landscape to act as an outdoor room isolated from others.

Other structures you can add are trellises, arbours, and pergolas – use them to define different zones in the garden. You can separate them according to their function – a kids’ playground, the outdoor kitchen, and a relaxing area for solitude.

In addition, you can also place an in-ground compost system in your garden, which is an excellent way to improve the health and productivity of your garden while reducing your environmental impact. With a little effort, you can turn your meal scraps into a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your plants to thrive. You can also check out these easy ways to compost eggshells, meat, and bread.

7. Spa or a hot tub

If you want to take outdoor relaxation to another level, consider adding a spa or a hot tub to the backyard. It is a true luxury, but just think how wonderful it must be to enjoy hot water surrounded by greenery and flowers, protected from the privy eyes.

When determining its location, have in mind the location of the house and your privacy, as well as whether you want it to be in the sunshine or in the shade. A typical hot tup takes up approximately 30 square feet (if it’s round), but take into consideration that you will also need additional room for walking around it and sitting.

As it can weigh up to 2 tones, you will need an independent foundation – but it will be worth it.

Final words

A peaceful oasis in your backyard takes time to be created, of course. Start with the small things first and work your way up. In a few months, you will be enjoying the fruits of your work in a lovely garden that you have created. If you’re unsure how to do these things or, simply, don’t have the time to do it yourself, ask Deltona Pros garden and tree care experts for help.

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