How To Decorate Your Teens Bedroom On A Budget

Your kids are not just kids anymore. Now that they are teenagers, it means it’s time to swap those childish bedroom elements for more adult-like decorations. As your teen is growing up, they will want to change the color of the walls, their bedding, and the rest of the decor. So, to help you get started with this mini-renovation project, here are some ideas that you and your teen might like.

Repaint the Walls

Picking new paint for the walls is one of the inexpensive ways to transform this bedroom. You and your teen can pick the color palette together and even repaint the room yourselves. Check in with your kid about which colors they will like the most in their room. You can even pick two colors and combine them together. You can paint half of the walls in one color and then finish the second half with the other complementing color. You can even split the walls diagonally and simply have fun with the paint. This can be a fun little project to do together and transform the room.

Decorate Your Teens Bedroom - Pick New Wall Art
Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

Pick New Wall Art

Maybe your teen feels like it’s time to decorate the walls a bit differently this time. Together, you can pick new wall art that they will enjoy in their bedroom. One idea is to look into custom star map posters and let them pick a date of the night sky they would like to keep in their room. Another option is to see if they would like posters of their favorite band or a movie and get them framed for a more sleek and whimsical look. The days of sticking posters with tape are over and they can keep their posters intact and for a longer time if they are framed.

Plenty of Storage Room

Another aspect that needs to be upgraded is storage. Now that they are growing up they need more space for their clothes, accessories, mementos, and other trinkets. Besides upgrading their closet, you should look for ways to expand storage. Maybe they like those decorative wicker baskets where they can keep their favorite things and memories. Another idea is upgrading their desk that can fit more of their studying materials, school supplies, and similar things. Additionally, don’t forget to hang a few bookshelves. Shelves can be handy, and you can pick some more creative and unique designs, and your teen will adore organizing their favorite books and knickknacks, and the room will look amazing, too!

Leave Room for Studying

Your teen will need a cozy place to do their homework and study. So, it is up to you to provide them with a nice desk and an ergonomic chair. You can find great deals on sleek and minimalist desks that will feature plenty of storage. Also, the chair should be cozy and support their back properly since teens’ bodies are still developing. You can dedicate one corner of the room to studying and cozy it up with pillows and throws to keep them cozy during the long days of studying. Also, don’t forget to add a few motivational posters and even a whiteboard where they can keep track of their tasks or write down their ideas.

When decorating a bedroom for your teen, always make sure to consult with them. It is going to be their room and they need to feel welcome and safe there. So, put all of your ideas on paper regarding colors and layout and together you can achieve greatness.

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