Need A Vacation? Here’s A Guide For Planning the Perfect City Break

We all need to escape the daily grind now and then; no matter how exciting our lives are, sometimes there’s nothing better than throwing yourself out of your routine in order to travel. As Hans Christian Andersen once beautifully put it, “To Travel is to Live,” and if you’re searching for life you can’t beat a quick city break. 

The brilliance of the city break is that it requires little preparation, and though often the best holidays are taken on a whim, it’s always worth taking some time before head to get things planned to ensure everything goes swimmingly. 

Thankfully, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of things to consider! But before you get on the plane, coach or boat to embark for your urban adventure, here are a few things you should get ticked off your list.

Planning the Perfect City Break

Destination Research

The most fun and the most important part of preparation involves picking the destination you’re travelling to. Whether you’re travelling to the “Big Apple,” or “Amsterdam,” research the chosen city thoroughly in search for popular attractions, hidden gems or any upcoming events. 

Some tips for conducting the best possible research include: 

  • Social Media: Whether you look through an influencer’s page or that of a friend, social media is a powerful tool for research and a way to get personal, first-hand opinions on specific destinations. 
  • Read Travel Blogs: There are plenty of travel blogs available online, these are oftentimes written by experts, and have you, the traveller in mind. 
  • Ask Questions: Finally, don’t be scared to ask questions yourself! Ask travel agents, bloggers and post questions into forums to get direct answers to any of your queries. 

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Though admittedly not as fun, budgeting is equally as important when planning a trip. Be as extensive as you can in this area, taking into account flights, food, activities, souvenirs and any unforeseen expenses. 

Don’t let money troubles ruin your fun on holiday, use travel apps and websites to find the best deals on flights and accomomadtion along with discounts on attractions and transportation while you’re away. 


Accommodation for travellers is now as diverse as it’s ever been, whether it’s a boutique hotel, an air bnb or a cozy hostel, the opportunities and availablity worldwide is now nearly endless. Try to book as earlierly as possible for the best rates and rooms, and always check the location for convenience. 

One of the more recent trends in the world of accommodation blends apartment living with luxury hotel hospitality. If you’re looking for a holiday home, or somewhere to stay for a shortwhile, there is plenty of information out there for you to learn more.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Planning a city break, or, in fact, any type of break, is vital in ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience. Stay flexible, immerse yourself in the local culture and savor every moment while you’re away from your daily troubles. Go ahead, plan the adventure of a lifetime!
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