What To Expect On Ocoee River Rafting Trip

You have probably heard of the great Ocoee River in Tennessee, but, the adventure that awaits you there makes it even better – White Water Rafting.

The river is just a few hours away from major cities in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina, located in the Cherokee National Forest. It flows through a valley that includes wildlife and a scenic paradise.

What to Expect on Ocoee River Rafting Trip

Ocoee River rafting is open not only to professional rafters, but also to newbies who seek thrill, fun, and adventure.

The full trip offers a non-stop thrill as you slide through 20 continuous Class III and IV rapids, dropping you an exhilarating 260 feet from start to finish.

The adventure starts at the Ocoee Rafting Center, located in the river basin area, two hours north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Two Sections are Offered in Ocoee River Rafting – Middle and Upper Ocoee River

The Middle Ocoee, with a 5-mile stretch of whitewater, lets you play through rapids such as Grumpy’s, Broken Nose, Diamond Splitter and Table Saw. This section is open for trips all year round even during dry months since the river is dam-controlled.

The Upper Ocoee, however, is only available for trips 34 days a year. It offers a new 5-mile whitewater adventure. It is known for Godzilla, Humongous and Slam Dunk rapids, which will surely drive your adrenaline rush from launch to finish. Not to mention, this was the site of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition that invites a lot of paddlers up to date.

Certified guides and safety staff are present to ensure safety for everyone while enjoying the fun-filled, action-packed Ocoee river rafting adventure.

The whole adventure will drain your energy. But do not worry, food is available before or after rafting or a riverside lunch.

What to Expect? A Whole Day of Fun, Wet, and Wild Adventure.

The trip will let you enjoy the best of nature while riding a river “roller coaster.” Anyone will surely enjoy the ups and downs of the journey, with a never-ending smile from start to finish.

Ocoee River rafting is for everyone, whether a family trip, with friends, company outings, or team-building activities. It is an amazing way to relieve stress, and it promotes self-satisfaction. For beginners, it will give you the thrill of learning something new and a great feeling of achievement. For experienced paddlers, you know Ocoee River rafting is one of the best in the US. It is a must-try.

Safety First.

Safety is an important component when white water rafting. First of all, choose a licensed and experienced rafting guide.

Wear the right rafting clothes and know what you can bring and cannot bring before rafting. Usually, you will be given a checklist and guidelines to make sure you’re ready.

Before you start your adventure, you’ll be oriented of the dos and don’ts and will be provided with personal flotation devices. Your guide will explain the safety tips. Listen carefully, and most of all, trust your guide.

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