PetWeighter: Stylish Weighted Dog Bowls For Any Home Decor

Our dog, Jasper, is notorious for dragging his water and food bowls around the house. Mostly if the water is empty but sometimes, just because. He’ll take his paw and smack them around, clanging it against the wall. Our Anatolian, Felina, would pick the bowl up and bring it to you! She’s living the life on a farm right now so we only have Jasper in the house. Also, one of our cats, Glitch, always tips her food bowl over and dumps the food onto the ground to eat. She’s strange! I’ve often considered getting weighted dog bowls but wasn’t sure they would actually stay in place. The PetWeighter does just that!

PetWeighter Weighted Dog Bowls

These weighted pet bowls are nice, too, in that they are stylish in color and match your home decor. There’s no reason your pet bowls have to be boring, right? Along with the previous colors of Red, Turquoise Blue, Pale Pink or Hot Pink with a mid-gray base.

PetWeighter Weighted Dog Bowls In Various Colors

PetWeighter has revealed two new colors – Pearly White and Platinum (shown above) β€“ which have been specially created to complement modern, neutral home interiors. We were sent one, as a thank you for posting, in Pearly White and it is so pretty!

The bowl is super easy to use. There are actually 3 ways to fill the base to make it weighted:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Sand AND Water

We chose to use water, because that’s what we had. In the future, I made buy a small bag of play sand or aquarium sand and use that instead. The water works just fine, though.

Now, Jasper is a pretty picky fellow when it comes to the bowls he eats and drinks out of. And, he is extremely finicky when it comes to new things. He wasn’t very interested in the PetWeighter, alone. So, I had to place his regular food bowl, inside, before he’d eat. Silly boy!

His metal bowl fits perfectly inside the PetWeighter bowl and he can’t slide it around or drag it across the room. So it works perfectly! It works so well, I plan on getting a couple more.

PetWeighter Dog Bowls

I also love that the base on these weighted dog bowls allows it to be raised for easier eating and drinking. Jasper sometimes suffers from a little reflux and this has really helped with that by allowing his head to be raised when he eats. PetWeighter is also great for arthritic dogs at meal times as its elevated height (8ΒΌ inches / 21cm)

PetWeighter Dog Bowls

The PetWeighter bowl is detachable for washing or filling with food and can be placed on a dishwasher top rack for a thorough, hygienic clean. The top is then easily aligned to the base and locked straight back into place with a simple click.

These bowls are also available on Amazon and in ALL colors in the US!
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Does your pet tip their bowl over or drag it around? Have you ever considered weighted pet bowls?


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