Popular Social Trends Driven By Millennials

The term “millennials” refers to the generation of people born between 1981 and 1996. This generation makes up nearly a quarter of the U.S. total population at 75 million individuals. Millennials occupy a demographic that lives in exciting times in the world’s history. 

This age group comprises of active members of society in both professional and social settings. They are the parents of new young families and replacements for retirees in the workplace. Millennials have influenced many popular cultures as a bridge between the older conservative generation and the upcoming youngsters. Here is a look at some of the significant ways that millennials have influenced global trends and ideas.

Popular Social Trends Driven By Millennials


The most outstanding and notable thing about the millennials generation is probably the acceptance of both ethnic and sexual diversities. Over the last few years, thanks to efforts led by millennials, the world has grown more aware and appreciative of social, cultural, and sexual diversity

Nutrition and Eating Habits

Food and nutrition have become a big deal over the past few years. People are now more curious and cautious about what they eat and drink. Many people nowadays even make their food choices based on how the ingredients are produced. This food and eating culture has led to some interesting and sometimes unusual food options from organic produce, gluten-free wheat, humane agriculture, to sugar-free drinks.  

Some historically unhealthy consumption habits have also been ditched for healthier alternatives. For instance, a large number of millennials prefer to vape rather than smoking, which is said to be much healthier than the latter; this is evident by the rapid growth of vaping sites like smokingthings and the vaping market.  

Environmental Awareness

Another behavioral and cultural change that millennials are partly associated with is the spread of environmental awareness. Concerned millennials, with their immense influence on social media and other outlet platforms, are actively advocating for global sustainability against pollution, environmental degradation, deforestation, fossil fuels, and misuse of natural resources.

This has had a positive rippling effect in many industries as manufacturers and business leaders reinvent their products and services to suit the environmentally-conscious millennials market. This is probably the reason why there are paper straws in restaurants and bike lanes on the streets.

The millennials are a persuasive and influential generation. Within just a decade or so, the world has gone from a rigid society set in its ways to a more accommodating global community ready to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking.

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