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I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving 2013 2022! This year has gone by so fast. Last year I was sick as a dog and didn’t feel like doing anything at all for any of the Holiday’s. This year, they all sort of crept up on me. I’m not the least bit prepared – again.

(This post was originally published ion Nov 22, 2013 but has since been updated)

My sister-in-law messaged me last night (in 2013 but we do the same every year – lol) and asked if we had decided what to do for Thanksgiving this year. Our house is where we all congregate for events so we always have parties and the big dinners here. I had completely forgotten about Thanksgiving dinner! So, we decided to do Thanksgiving dinner pot luck style this year.

That saves one person from having all the cooking and all the cost and makes it so much more enjoyable. She has a turkey and a ham and will bring those. I will be making Cranberry Apple bake with a recipe coming soon (it’s 2022 and I just realized I never shared this recipe! I’m on it so stay tuned) , and a couple other things. And everyone else has been asked to bring 2 dishes. I even created a Facebook event so we can all post what we are making and there won’t be 4 dishes of sweet potatoes! It works great!

To make my shopping easier, I always make a list. (Sometimes I even remember to bring it to the store. 🤣) I made one up this year that has just about everything one might expect to find on a Thanksgiving shopping list. I don’t buy all the items on it typically but I’ve seen some of the things, like mushrooms, on other Holiday lists so I thought I’d add as many things as I could think of and share that list with you all. Feel free to download and print it out to take to the store with you when you do your Thanksgiving dinner shopping. I hope you find it useful.

Printable Thanksgiving Shopping List


Don’t forget to print your free Autumn banner to decorate for Thanksgiving too!!! This banner is so pretty hanging on a mantle or over a doorway. It is welcoming and full of fall colors. I hope it brings some joy to your Thanksgiving this year.

Free Autumn Printable Preview


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I hope you can use the Printable Thanksgiving Shopping List.

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I just keep talking in this post! Sorry for rambling. I’m curious, though, what are your favorite side dishes? Do you all do the typical turkey and sides or do you change things up? Do you have a special dish or family favorite you’d be willing to share? I’m always looking for new recipes to try and would love some new ideas!

Aside from the food, what are some activities you do on Thanksgiving day? I love to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, then get to cooking. It relaxes me and really sets a wonderful mood for the day. We typically eat, take a nap and then eat again. 🤣 Sometimes, I’ll set out some crafts. There’s a paper table cloth that you can color that I find at Walmart sometimes. It has turkeys and pilgrims on it and little tic-tack-toe boards. I set out crayons and everyone, adults and kids alike color while we wait to eat. We also had some little hat and turkey crafts we did one year. I want some new ideas though! What’cha got?

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