7 Beginner Skateboard Moves You Should Learn

Skateboarding is cool and an extreme sport. It feels good to show off your moves to your friends and fellow skaters in your locale. It is also a neat way to roam around the neighborhood.

Understanding Skateboard Culture

The first skateboards were used just to fill the surfer’s downtime. And now it has evolved into a sport that has influenced our clothes like thrasher clothing, music, and interaction. It is recognized worldwide, with over 11 million skateboarders and counting.

Skate competitions are also organized all around the world. Some of the most popular professional skateboarders are Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and Paul Rodriguez.

It involves performing tricks while riding the skateboard. Skateboarding does not have strict rules to play. The tricks done are scored from 0.00 to 10.00. You need to awe the audience with your tricks. The person with the highest score wins.

Learn These Skateboard Moves

Learning Tricks

For beginners, it is essential to follow the necessary safety precautions. Wearing protective equipment such as a skateboarding helmet will also help prevent injuries.

Now, if you are determined to learn and equipped with your thrasher clothing and skateboard, you are ready to be out there. But there’s one problem. You have not learned any of the tricks yet.

Fret not. Your thrasher clothing will not be put to waste. With enough practice, you can impress people with these seven beginner skateboard moves, you can learn in no time.


Alan Gelfand invented the “Ollie” in 1978 who was nicknamed “Ollie.” It is a no-handed aerial flip that is the foundation for other skateboard tricks like kickflips and heelflips.  

Heel Flip and Kick Flip

The next trick after learning Ollie is the heelflip and kickflip. After doing an Ollie, you flip the board 360 degrees and land on it after. The only difference is the rotation part of the board. The kickflip rotates on the heel-side while the heelflip rotates towards the toe-side.

It is always fun to learn how to do a kickflip and heelflip.


Short for “Nose Ollie,” Nollie is a variation of the Ollie where you use the foot to push the front part of the skateboard.

Fakie Stance and Fakie Ollie

On the other hand, a Fakie Ollie is a variation where the foot pushes the back part of the board with a Fakie stance while doing an Ollie.


The Biebelheimer is another way to jump on your board. You need to throw your board upside down, and when it hits the floor, it needs to be facing the right side while jumping on it.


If you tried these tricks, you might find that it is hard to master. Your first perfect Ollie might take a few months. But you should know experts all started from zero. With consistent practice and dedication, you can master any technique you can imagine.

What is important is that you have fun in the process!I hope these seven beginner skateboard moves help you jumpstart your passion for learning this cool sport. Enjoy skateboarding!

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