Some Uses Of Wire Cage Panels

In many industries, managing your warehouses is one of the most important parts of daily activity. A warehouse serves as the backbone of your supply chain and other aspects of your business. One part of keeping your warehouse running at maximum efficiency is making sure everything is properly configured and you make use of all the tools available to you. One such tool is wire cage panels which can be used in a wide assortment of applications.

Ways To Use Wire Cage Panels

  • Protect Material and Other Items: in many warehouses, pallet racks are a common sight and are often used for the storage of raw materials, finished goods, and other important items. However, large pallet racks can be dangerous and if something falls it can create a hazard. By using wire cage panels, you can re-enforce your pallet stacks and help keep items safely stored and protect people from falling items.
  • Create Access Cages: larger wire cage panels can be used to create access cages for dangerous areas. Some parts of a warehouse or shop floor can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with it or don’t know much about the location. With access cages, you control who gets in and ensure that no untrained persons enter a dangerous area.
  • Protect Computer Servers: depending on the type of operations your business is involved in, on-sight servers may be an essential part of daily activities. Securing your servers and other hardware is important not just to keep them safe, but to protect them from information theft. By surrounding your servers with wire cage panels, you can protect your servers from accidents and prevent any unwanted access. Plus, wire panels do not impede airflow.
  • Store Documents: paper records still see widespread use even in the modern digital age. Many companies have to keep hard records for an assortment of reasons, such as meeting legal requirements. Keeping this information safe is important and over time you can have years of records you have to keep safe. Wire cage panels can create small storage areas to stack storage boxes and filing cabinets in a safe area that also has limited access. Paper records can be used for information theft just like digital records and also have to be kept safe.

Final Thoughts

Wire cage panels can be used in many useful ways to make your business safer. No matter if it’s keeping raw materials safely stored or protecting areas from unwanted entry, proper use of wire cage panels can help make your business more efficient.

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