SunStyle – Beauty + Power – Without Compromise

Beauty + Power: Without Compromise

The roof, clad in SunStyle solar tiles, symbolizes the joining of tradition and innovation. This solution demonstrates the potential of building integrated photovoltaics to facilitate sustainable renovations within protected heritage areas.

As a dual-purpose roofing system, solar power shingles can be installed by a single crew, reducing costs and installation time. Learn more about the many benefits of a fully integrated solar roof.

solar tiles - SunStyle

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A solar roof is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home. It eliminates harmful greenhouse gases in the air and helps to lower global energy consumption.

Solar panels have a low carbon footprint due to their renewable and sustainable nature. They also have a long life span and require less maintenance than traditional roofing products.

Our solar shingles are designed to capture as much energy as possible per exposure with a robust structural roof solution that maintains your existing roof’s appearance. They can even be installed on buildings with complex roof layouts, considering any protrusions, such as chimneys or skylights.

Our shingle tiles have life-cycle emissions 12 times lower than natural gas and 20 times lower than coal. Plus, they can generate excess energy that can be sold back to your electricity provider for additional savings or income. The result is a fully building-integrated photovoltaic roof that looks beautiful up close and from the street while providing clean and reliable energy for years.

Save Money on Your Electricity Bills

Solar roofs are not only sustainable, but they also save you money on electricity costs. This is especially true if you can sell any excess energy back to your electric company.

The shingles have highly textured prismatic glass and unique coating technology, and they can capture sunlight that would escape traditional solar panels.

The upfront cost of a solar roof can be expensive, but the long-term savings are significant. You can calculate your payback period by dividing the initial investment by your estimated annual electricity bill savings. Then, factor in any rebates, tax credits, or other incentives to help alleviate the upfront cost. Your location and energy usage affect your costs and savings. Use online tools to estimate.

Reliable Backup Power

Solar roofs rely on photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity and can be coupled with battery storage. The combination provides 24/7 energy security so you can use renewable electricity, even when the grid is down.

The panels can be installed on buildings of any shape, size, and age, resulting in significant power generation potential, especially for buildings with east-west exposure. These systems flatten the demand “duck curve,” reducing peak energy consumption and lowering energy bills.

Solar roofing shingles, like Sunstyle, are durable and long-lasting so that you can enjoy your investment for decades. Plus, they look great up close and from the street, complementing the natural styling of your home. Ask your local installer to help you determine the correct battery size based on your energy needs and potential excess.

Energy Security

Solar roofs convert sunlight into electricity without producing harmful greenhouse gases, making them a sustainable energy choice for the long term. They also help homeowners reduce or eliminate their energy bills and gain independence from traditional power sources.

Considering these benefits, it’s essential to determine whether a solar energy system is the right fit for your home. Consider the upfront expenses involved, potential upkeep costs, and the financial benefits you’ll see in the long run.

It’s also worth researching local ordinances and zoning regulations to ensure compliance with any requirements. If you plan on selling your home in the future, are any state or federal incentives that might make it more affordable to install solar panels? Check if your utility company offers net metering rates, which allow you to sell excess energy back to the grid for credits on your bill. This is a crucial way to maximize the sustainability of your solar roof investment.

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