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Understanding Unexpected Health Issues In Cats

Cats are popular pets, d for their independent yet affectionate nature. Despite their hardy demeanor and self-sufficiency, they are susceptible to various health issues, some of which are unexpected.


How To Encourage Dogs And Cats To Eat On Schedule

Getting dogs and cats to eat on schedule can be a tricky process. Some of them can be stubborn than others. Still, their mealtimes must be regular enough to reduce their level of anxiety and support a healthier lifestyle. How much they eat can also affect their sleeping patterns too. There’s at stake...

Does Your Cat Need To Lose Weight

Does Your Cat Need To Lose Weight?

Obesity is a real risk for cats as much as for humans. Do you actually know how much your cat weighs or should weigh? The answer that most pet owners will give is “not really.” And this is normal, you don’t have the habit of weighing your cat regularly, and to be honest, you can...

Senior Cat

Caring For A Senior Cat

A senior cat may need special care. Cats may be considered senior around age 11 or 12 and their health and grooming routines may suffer as they age. Keeping an eye out for the signs your cat is aging can help you give them the kind of life they deserve.  Improve Your Care Routine Your...