Jewels Fur Paws! Check Out This Gorgeous Jewelry for Pets

Jewelry for pets? Yes, you read that right! Do you buy your dog or cat a Christmas gift? What about clothes? Do you like to dress up your fur-babies? One of our dogs, Millie, LOVES to wear clothes! She will go to them to have them put on. So she tends to get spoiled with t-shirts, jackets, etc.

Jasper will wear clothes but he doesn’t love them like Millie. Our middle daughter is constantly putting clothes on Millie, though, and all she wants for Christmas this year is clothes for her dog! I went a step further and got her some jewelry for both Jasper and Millie. I teamed up with Jewels Fur Paws (jewelry for pets) to add a little glam to the pups lives and to show a fun gift idea for the Holidays!

Have you ever seen jewelry for pets? I’d actually never thought about it before! But, when I saw it, I was super excited to try it and see if Jasper and Millie would like it. They also offer jewelry for cats and I considered getting Honey a necklace. But, like most cats, she’s finicky so I figured I would try with the dogs first. I knew Millie would be all about it!

Folks, this jewelry is beautiful! And it looks so pretty on the dogs!

Jewels Fur Paws Jewelry For Dogs And Cats

When you choose your necklaces, you need to measure the circumference of their necks so you get a nice “drop”. Think of a nice set of pearls hanging just right on the neck. You want the same thing in your jewelry for dogs.

Look at how pretty sweet Millie looks in her blingy-bling!

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I love how the necklaces hang. They have just a slight drop that gives them a glamorous look. Jasper looks quite dapper in his blue necklaces!

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These necklaces are the real deal too. They are handcrafted and have some good weight to them. They aren’t flimsy or “cheap” feeling. Our dogs don’t pay a bit of attention to them either. It’s no different than having their collar on.

I think Honey would be ok with one but hers would probably need to fit a bit closer and not have as good of a drop. Otherwise, she’d paw at it. Like I said, she’s finicky. She’ll wear her collar as long as it doesn’t have a bell. Otherwise she wants it off. So I think more of a choker type necklace would work better for her. The dogs, though, they love their necklaces!

I’m going to put them on them for Thanksgiving dinner and see if any of the family notices how pretty they look. I can’t wait to hear their comments on the jewelry for pets. They’re going to want some for their own fur kids.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – they come in cute little organza bags decorated with paw prints. Oh my heart – they are so pretty!

Jewels Fur Paws Organza Bags

About Jewels Fur Paws – Jewelry For Pets

The Jewels Fur Paws headquarters is based in Southern California. Amongst the team is our hands on founder, Bettina, who has been creating handmade jewelry since 2018 for both JFP and our sister company Luxury Dream Designs! Our inspiration is our own love for our furry family members, and our passion to help those in need.

Jewels Fur Paws

There is a handy size chart on their website that helps you choose which length you’ll need for each pet. It offers recommendations for different breeds of dogs.

Our dogs are not standard sizes. Jasper is a Border Collie/Lab mix but is also a bit overweight and Millie is on the smaller size for shepherds. She looks like a German Shepherd but she took her size after the other breed she is mixed with. (all our pets are mutts). So, I did measure and go by that versus the recommended sizes, since ours were reversed. Jasper needed a bigger one and Millie a slightly smaller one. The entire process was super easy. Just measure and pick out the ones you want.

The website has categories for:

  • Extra Small Pet Necklaces
  • Small Pet Necklaces
  • Medium Pet Necklaces
  • Large/Extra Large Pet Necklaces


While these are all handcrafted pieces and unique, a select amount do come in different sizes (such as the pieces featuring glass beads).

I would also like to note that Jewels Fur Paws donates a portion of all profits to animal rescue organizations!

🎁 This item is featured on our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! 🎁

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for pet lovers or simply want some boujee but gorgeous jewelry for pets, check out Jewels Fur Paws. I’m sure you will find something you absolutely adore!

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