Add This Quick And Easy Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer This Halloween

Our youngest daughter and I had planned a Harry Potter binge watch/viewing party for this week, but, a nasty cold (not ‘rona) caught us all by surprise do our plans were postponed. We have all the movies so we can do it next week. However, I wanted to go ahead and share this Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer with you so you can enjoy it for Halloween! If you’re like us and always add a touch of Hogwarts to your Halloween parties (see photos below of last years party!) , trick-or-treat, etc… then you’ll want this super quick and easy drink! It uses a pre-made non-alcoholic butterscotch cream soda! If you prefer a “from-scratch” recipe, that’s fine too but we’re opting for quickness and ease this year and this drink is perfect.

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The Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

Flying Cauldron’s Butterscotch Beer is made with flavors of butterscotch and creamy vanilla. It can be served over ice, ice cream or enjoy straight from the bottle or can! So, it’s works perfectly for our Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer. We make it 4 ways.

  • Over ice with whipped topping and a drizzle of (also pre-made) butterscotch syrup
  • Over a scoop of ice cream with whipped topping and a drizzle of butterscotch syrup as a Butterscotch Beer float
  • Blended with ice cream as a milkshake and topped with whipped topping, a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice and a drizzle of butterscotch syrup
  • ADULT VERSION: fill mug with ice, add 1 shot of your favorite rum, fill rest of way with Flying Cauldron’s Butterscotch Beer, top with whipped topping and a drizzle of butterscotch syrup
Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Recipe

Why 4 ways?

Because we can’t decide which is our favorite and one is for adults ONLY!!!

According to the Flying Cauldron’s website:

Since 1374, the Flying Cauldron has been making this magical brew for wizards, young and old, at their brew pub in Hogsbreath England. The recipe has changed little over the centuries.

The non-alcoholic Butterscotch Beer is delicious! The butterscotch flavor is strong and tastes just like a butterscotch candy. It is very sweet so no added sweetener/sugar is necessary in our Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer. It is just right straight out of the bottle or can. It is fizzy and gives a great foam head to your glass. We like to serve it in, either, a mason jar or a beer glass/stein.

Here are photos from last years Harry Potter themed Halloween party we hosted. I hope they give you some inspiration for your own HP themed events. I’m sorry we don’t have any downloads available for you. Images were found through Google images and used for our own, personal use. No copyright infringement intended. We had to postpone last Halloween, too, because a co-worker had the ‘rona and we were possibly exposed, so it ended up being in November! Thankfully, no-one other than him got sick and his family was ok. We still had a ton of fun even if it was after Halloween.

We had Slytherin’s, owls, potions and spells dementors, themed snacks and even Moaning Myrtle! Guests cracked up over that little bathroom surprise. 😂 We had so much fun planning and decorating. The only thing we didn’t have, last year, was Butterbeer! I tried a ton of recipes and none of them were quite right. This yea, with the premade butterscotch soda, it is going to be just right! WOOT!

Come back to our site (or subscribe by email for updates) to see photos of our Harry potter viewing party as well as our Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer! We’ll be hooking the DVD player up to our projector, hanging the projector screen and serving up loads of inspired treats! This Halloween weekend is going to be fun!!!

Find Flying Cauldron online:

(Available on Amazon for $18.99/4-pack)

If you try Flying Cauldron’s Butterscotch Beer and/or our favorite way to drink it, tag us in a photo of your creation on Instagram @cinnamonhollow We love to see your photos!

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