Ease Back To School Stress With Halloween Costumes?

This year is flying by way too fast! It feels like my kids just got out of school for the summer and it’s nearly time to go back. We have tons of school shopping to do. After that, it’ll be time to plan Halloween costumes. We like to either make our own or buy a pre-made Halloween costume to use as a starting point, or base, and then add our own accents to it.

I like to do a little Halloween costume shopping while I’m shopping for school clothes. I know that might sound kind of weird but it helps relieve some of the back to school stress by letting us also focus on something fun. We decide on a costume during the summer and then while we’re out and about doing our school shopping we keep an eye out for bits and pieces that will really make our Halloween costumes pop. The hardest part is deciding what to be.

All 6 of us dress up each year! Clay and I love to dress in costume for Halloween. Sometimes we dress up and take the kids trick-or-treating and sometimes we host or attend a costume party. Last year, my good friends hosted a party at their house. I almost always go as a vampire. I just love doing the makeup for it. So that’s what I was. Clay had the best costume of all, though. Last year, he went as Santa Clause! It was so much fun. He handed out little candy canes to all the kids that were there. We stopped at a few houses for trick-or-treat before heading to the party and all the kids loved seeing Santa Clause driving around town.

Halloween Costumes

Speaking of the kids. Our son was some sort of Gothic character. He had a black win that went on one shoulder and a cane with a skull on it. I made our oldest daughters costume. She was Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. I scoured through all of my photos and can’t find a single one of her costume! To make it, we took an old, dingy sundress and add patchwork pieces of fabric. We used old tops that were too little for the girls so her costume ended up not costing us anything! Then we drew stitches on her face and arms to look like a rag doll. I have got to find a picture of it. It turned out pretty great! And then our younger two daughters were Clawdeen and Frankie from Monster High. We purchased their costumes and then added hair extensions, makeup, jewelry and other little bits to dress them up some. Everyone looked great but I think Clay’s costume was fantastic!

Anyway, you can see how thinking about a fun Halloween costume while you’re stressing over back to school can help relieve some of the tension. It gives you the chance to create an awesome costume, saves time closer to Halloween since you’ve already planned it, and get the whole family involved in the planning.

If you like to do your Halloween costume shopping online, you can do that too! Either way, it’s a great way to de-stress and relax. Because, believe me, school shopping for 4 kids ranging in age from elementary to high school is not a picnic. I like to chill in as many ways as possible.

Have you planned this years Halloween costumes yet? If so, what are you going as?

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