Can You Guess The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Your State?

Halloween 2018 is right around the corner, guys! Can you believe it? I feel like each and every event and Holiday has just crept up on me this year. It’s like, I know it’s on the way and I start to prepare and then, BAM, its here and I’m not ready! I’m trying to get ready for Halloween with costumes and candy but I bet it sneaks right up on me too. Speaking of candy, do you know or can  you guess which is the most popular Halloween candy in your state?

I just knew that Reese Cups would be number one here in Ky but I was waayyyyyy off. The most popular Halloween Candy here is….. Swedish Fish! SAY WHAT, NOW? No way. I don’t think I know a single person here who buys those. But apparently, according to, they are the most popular. Who knew? Certainly not me.


There is a new winner in the Bluegrass State!  For 2 years straight, our report had determined the top Halloween candy in Kentucky to be Tootsie Pops. Now, Swedish Fish have come out of nowhere to take the crown with over 73,000 pounds.

Still, over 53,000 pounds of those yummy lollipops with the Tootsie Roll center were consumed for the #2 spot. Reese’s Cups were #3.

They’ve provided a really cool map that shows all the popular Halloween candy, by state from around the country.

Check it out and then leave me a comment below, telling me which is the most popular Halloween Candy in your state!
Also, what is YOUR favorite type of Halloween candy? I’m torn between Reese Cups and Snickers.

Check out the full blog post featuring America’s top Halloween Candy by state over at Top Halloween Candy by State - popular halloween candy


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Popular Halloween Candy By State

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