Kidzikoo Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Insulators

There are products out there that are so simple, yet, so amazing you don’t know how you lived without them! The Kidzikoo is one of those products. It is a baby bottle and sippy cup insulator. My daughter loves ice …

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Great Tips for Kids Cell Phone Safety

Boy Text Messaging by David Castillo Dominici

Smartphone, traditional and prepaid cell phone users seem to be getting younger and younger these days. I see more and more kids talking and texting than I would have ever imagined. Really young kids too! So I thought I’d share …

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HandyShell Case for iPad 2 Review


The HandyShell Case for iPad 2, by Speck, is a great stand for your iPad 2. It doesn’t cover the screen so that part isn’t protected but it works perfectly as a stand and for protecting your precious back. because …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review. Holiday Gift Idea.


Weighing in at 13.58 ounces with a 7″ screen, the Samsung Galaxy Tab features a 1024 x 600 resolution. This make a nice size screen for us bloggers on the go. While not as large as the comparable 9.7″ (diagonal) …

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