Kidzikoo Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Insulators


There are products out there that are so simple, yet, so amazing you don’t know how you lived without them! The Kidzikoo is one of those products. It is a baby bottle and sippy cup insulator.

My daughter loves ice water. She always has at least one ice cube in her sippy cup to keep it cold. And she takes her sippy cup everywhere. This has two problems.

  1. Her hands are always freezing
  2. The cup sweats and her clothes and everything else end up wet. (On vacation, this is a big problem)

I knew there had to be a solution. I went to Walmart to see if I could find some sort of bottle/cup wrap. I had n luck whatsoever. I did find a neoprene can Koozie but it didn’t fit. The idea was awesome for the neoprene. I knew it was just what I was looking for but I also knew I couldn’t make something that would fit all of her sippy cups and still be stylish. SOOOOOOO, I searched online. I found a couple of beyond expensive products that really weren’t what I had in mind. Then I remembered that I had seen exactly what I wanted on Mompact. Kidzikoo! So I headed over to their website and lo and behold what I found was dead on. And too cute to boot! I contacted them and within a few days I received a Kidzikoo Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Insulator in the Jordan print.


When I first looked at it I thought, man, that is pretty narrow. I wasn’t sure it would fit her large sports bottle type cup. I tried it and guess what?

It fit perfectly! I didn’t have to tug or pull, it just slid right on the cup.


But then I thought, I bet this will be too stretched out and out of shape now to fit her regular sippy cups. So I left it on there all day and then tried it on her other cups.

Guess what?

It’s perfect! It is neoprene so it is made to stretch and it went right back into shape. It fit perfectly on both cups. It retained its shape. It is machine washable which is fabulous. You’re using it for kids so you can imagine how dirty it may get.


Insulate that boring bottle or sippy cup with something fabulous and functional! Made out of neoprene and adorned in 10 adorable kid friendly prints, Kidzikoo will stretch to fit most 8-12 oz bottle or sippy cup.

Insulate that boring bottle or sippy cup with something fabulous and functional.
*Keeps warm beverages warm & cold beverages cold
*Soaks up condensation
*No more ice cold little hands
*Stretches to fit most 8-12 oz bottles and sippy cups

*Soft, squishy, and comfy to hold
*Protects glass bottles
*Machine Washable
*Kids LOVE them!
Price: $6.99 – SUPER affordable! I’ll be buying more prints. That’s for sure! I’ve got my eye on the Lucia print. And this year, when we go on vacation, my daughters hands will stay warm and her clothes will stay dry!
Kidzikoo also offer insulators for freezer pops and sports bottles as well as regular bottles and cans.
They can be ordered online at Kidzikoo or various retailers around the country. You can find a list on their site.
You can also find Kidzikoo on Facebook and Twitter.


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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Kidzikoo to facilitate this review.. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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