LeapFrog App Toys Are Great Learning Toys! #LeapFrogAppToys

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with LeapFrog and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am a big fan of the LeapFrog toys. I’ve used them with each of my children when they were toddlers and pre-schoolers and they have really helped with teaching. The latest two toys I’ve been using are the Creativity Camera Protective Case & App and the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil™ Stylus & Writing App.

My four year old daughter absolutely loves the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil™ Stylus & Writing App. In fact, the first time we tried it, she played with it for over an hour. NOTHING holds her attention that long other than jigsaw puzzles. She is a puzzle fanatic. And it appears that she is addicted to Mr. Pencil as well. YAY!

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil Stylus

This stylus and app are teaching her how to write her letters. And since she will be starting Kindergarten soon, it has been a big help to me in teaching her how to write. This would be a great hands-on learning device for homeschool and public school children alike. I thought the pencil stylus seemed a bit awkward to hold but she said that she likes the size and the shape of it. I was afraid it would be too large for her little hands but she didn’t seem to have any problems grasping it and was able to draw straight lines on the screen to form letters.

Mr. Pencil and a his friends give you instructions throughout the game. The voices were loud and clear and easy to understand. I do think that for ages 2 – 5, there should be more arrows pointing to what they are to click on because she did get a bit confused in some parts when it said to “click here” but didn’t really highlight well enough just where to click.

For drawing letters, it instructions you to draw a line and trace the dotted line. She did really well!

LeapFrog Mr Pencil Stylus

LeapFrog Mr Pencil Stylus

LeapFrog Mr Pencil Stylus

The app is bright and colorful and really eye-catching. The characters are cute and family-friendly. Overall, I think this is a really great product and my daughter is learning to write her letters even when I’m not able to sit by he side with pen and paper. She is learning even when I’m working! And when I’m not, she can show me everything she has learned. It’s wonderful!

• Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil™ is an engaging app toy that teaches writing letters, numbers and shapes through interactive games and activities. Plus it saves your child’s writing as he/she plays the app so you can view progress.
• The included Mr. Pencil app, Mr. Pencil stylus plus an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad work together to create a learn-to-write tool.
• This special included app helps teach letters, numbers and shapes with a unique stylus that won’t scratch device screens.
• Teaches upper- and lowercase letters, numbers 1-20 and basic shapes.
• Ages 3-6 years

Price: $14.99

The Creativity Camera Protective Case & App is another great teaching tool.

LeapFrog Creativity Camera Protective Case

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of this in action. The day we received it, we took a couple pictures of our daughter holding it and looking at the app, then had to leave. One of our children asked to use the iPod and took it outside. They didn’t bring it back in and it was rained on. After a rice soak, the iPod still works but the camera went kaput.  The shutter won’t open and we will have to see if we can get it fixed before we can try out the Creativity Camera Protective Case & App .

Broken iPod Camera

I really disappointed about this. I was pretty excited, myself, to try it out and see our daughter using it.

So I do have a photo so you can see the size in comparison to a child, but no app shots. 🙁

LeapFrog Mr Pencil Stylus

LeapFrog Mr Pencil Stylus

About the Creativity Camera Protective Case & App .

“Children can edit photos to make silly pictures, go on photo missions to create special albums and even play an exciting augmented reality game. This breakthrough app toy turns your device into the ultimate creativity camera that kids will love!”

Works with iPhone 4/4s/5 and iPod touch 4G (sold separately). Does not work with LeapPad™ or Leapster Explorer™ systems.

• The Creativity Camera Protective Case & App helps kids create, learn and express themselves with photos.
• Includes a protective case and a creativity learning app with 6 learning modes:
1) Camera—take pictures of friends, family, pets and more,
2) Gallery—lets little photographers view photos as an album, or scroll through photos one-by-one,
3) Creativity Center—lets children filter, stamp and morph to create one-of-a-kind photos,
4) Silly Faces—guides children to take portraits and easily dress up images with funny graphics,
5) Photo Missions—complete special photo missions to create themed albums to explore letters, facial expressions and more, and
6) Magical Creature Catch—catch and match virtual flying critters by snapping pictures in a fast-action game.
• Works with an iPhone or iPod touch to create the ultimate kid-safe creativity camera.
• Teaches creativity, self-expression and matching
• Ages 3-6 years

Price: $19.99

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