My letter to Santa. I REALLY want a Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi)


Dear Santa,

This year, for Christmas, I would like a pretty expensive gift. I’m not going to ask you for health and Peace on Earth or miracles for family and friends because I ask God for those things. They are reserved for my prayers. And believe me, those prayers are continually going up. So I’m not being selfish in asking you, Santa, for this because I figure you are the go-to present fellow and my other requests are already being taken care of. Β God is the One to handle those things and I’m content knowing He has.

So, Santa, I’m asking you for something personal and just for me. This year, I would LOVE the Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi)ir?t=thecinholnewr 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00519RWI8

That is all. Just that one thing. It’s very expensive and I don’t really expect to get one. But I figured it never hurts to ask, right? And I really, really, really, REALLY want one. So, anyway, that is what is on my Christmas Gift Wish List. Thanks for reading.


So tell me, my dear friends, what is on your letter to Santa this year?

Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. But I really, really, really want this present!

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